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Running time 122 minutes Country United States Language English Budget $22 million Box office $88.9 million The Hundred-Foot Journey is a 2014 American film directed by from a screenplay written by, adapted from Richard Morais' 2010 novel. The film stars,, and and is about a battle of two restaurants in a village: one by an Indian family and the other, a lofty restaurant. Produced by and for through their respective production companies, and, in association with and, it was released by on August 8, 2014, receiving generally positive reviews and earning nearly $90 million at the worldwide box office. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] The Kadam family ran a restaurant in. The second-oldest son, Hassan (), was being groomed to replace his mother () as the restaurant's main cook. However, a mob attacks and firebombs the restaurant over an election dispute. Papa Kadam () and his family evacuate the guests, but Mama is killed.

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Seeking in Europe, the family first settles in London, where their residence proves ill-suited for a restaurant. They depart for. Shortly after entering France, the brakes on Papa's van fail near in the. Marguerite (), a at an upscale French restaurant named 'Le Saule Pleureur' ('The Weeping Willow'), passes by and offers to help the Kadams find an auto repair shop and a guest house.

She brings the Kadams to her apartment and treats them to cold food. Papa is amazed at the quality of the food in the village and its availability and discovers that Marguerite made the food herself. Soul nomad pcsx2 download with bios. Papa learns of an abandoned restaurant building available for purchase. It is located directly across the street — only a hundred feet (30 m) — from Le Saule Pleureur. Madame Mallory (), proprietor of Le Saule Pleureur and purporting to act as caretaker for the owners of the abandoned restaurant, asks the Kadams to leave because it is 'private property'.

100 Feet Full Movie Free Download In Hindi

Papa buys the property, even though the rest of his family is against it, and names the restaurant 'Maison Mumbai'. Mallory asks for their menu and by the time of their opening night has bought all the locally available ingredients they would need to serve. A cold war erupts between Papa and Mallory. The war peaks on when one of Mallory's chefs, Jean-Pierre, and two others vandalize the Kadams' restaurant by spray-painting words which translate to 'France for the French' on the outer wall and firebombing the interior. Hassan catches the arsonists in the act and scares them off, but his hands and legs are burned. The following morning Mallory, who knew of the arson and vandalism, dismisses Jean-Pierre and personally cleans the graffiti from Maison Mumbai. Hassan, having heard from Marguerite that Mallory hires potential chefs by taste-testing an omelette and deciding whether the person is indeed a great chef, asks if he may cook an omelette for her to his recipe.

Due to his injured hands, Mallory helps under Hassan's supervision. After tasting the omelette, which had Indian influences to it, Mallory recognizes Hassan's potential and invites him to work for her as an apprentice, and confesses that she deliberately sabotaged his apology on behalf of his father, when he recreated a classic pigeon dish. Papa is initially against the move, but ultimately strikes a deal with her as to Hassan's pay. Hassan's cooking, which gradually evolves into a fusion of and, results in Mallory's restaurant receiving its second.

The award draws national attention to Hassan's cooking, and he is offered and accepts a job in Paris. Papa and Mallory make amends and begin seeing each other, but Hassan's relationship with Marguerite has soured. Hassan's cooking in Paris quickly receives critical acclaim, fueling speculation of a third Michelin Star for the Paris restaurant, but his work is increasingly bogged down by thoughts of his family and Marguerite (with whom he had an ongoing romance).