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Photoshop Layer Styles are a set of pre-configured commands that will take basic text and will quickly create typographical works of art for you. With just a single click of a button, you can apply unique layer styles to any text in Photoshop, and not only do they speed up the design process, applying these effects is just a simple case of clicking a single button, so you don’t have to be a Photoshop professional to use them. There are many freely available, but the quickest method for creating beautiful text effects is to download one of the free Photoshop Layer Styles below. With Envato Elements subscription This free PSD template is bundled with three vintage text effects (and photo effects) that are the embodiment of good taste and simplicity. Have fun with free PSD text layer template and give your text a tasty chocolate effect. You can use the smart-object layer of this template to create your very own neon text within just a few seconds.

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With this free 3D Photoshop text effect you can add depth, as well as a sandwich texture, to your plain text. Type your text in the smart layer and save the changes. To apply this letterpress effect, type your text and then apply the style from the styles palette. Open the smart object, type in your text, apply the changes and you will quickly have a fun wood text style typographical effect. A simple, colorful and free 3D text effect, You just need to replace the preview text using the smart object. Double click the smart-object layer and add your own text or graphic. You can also change the background color, text color and the 3D depth color.

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