4u2see Software Download

Easy to Program - All come with our exclusive wireless remote control qwerty keyboard. It is bigger, better and more advanced than other LED sign remote controls. It is very easy to operate. You can write and store hundreds of different rotating messages from up to 200 feet away. You can choose from hundreds of built-in moving animated images. Change the scroll speed faster, slower, still, changing or flashing. They can scroll left, right, up, or down.

The sign has all the software built-in and you use the wireless remote control keyboard to program it. There is no need for a computer or the Internet. Multicolor and Customizable - Our LED signs have many stored images and font styles to choose from. All are multicolor with 256 shades and gradients of red, green and yellow. They display 1 and 2 line messages. They can display up to 4 lines at a time on 36' high sizes. They can be displayed vertically and horizontally.

They have date and time functions. They have a wide assortment of animated backgrounds including the American flag.

There are built-in special effects with many variations. They include multiple 3D effects, scroll, reverse, pause, dividing, erasing, neon borders, rotating, flashing, adjustable width, animation, enlarge, reduce, by color, pattern, laser and more. Top Quality and Weatherproof - We are constantly improving the quality and performance of our products. Prezentaciya na temu dvizhenie zhivotnih po biologii All are completely weatherproof for outdoor and indoor advertising. They are very durable, lightweight and only 3 inches thick. The frame is only 1 inch wide, which makes almost the entire sign a lighted display. The extruded aluminum frame keeps the weight low.

4u2see Software Download

The polycarbonate grill adds strength and heat resistance. The aluminum sliding back panel resists cracks and rust. The IP 65 rated silicone coating protects it from moisture. Super Bright and Clear - Our LED signs attract customers to any type of business. Each sign contains thousands of LED lights.

All have extremely bright moving messages, images and effects. They're around 10 times brighter than modern day flat screen televisions. They have 10 levels of adjustable brightness. Prorab version 10 cherez programmu.

They can be seen from a much greater distance than conventional signs. They're sharp and clear from up close and very far away.

Your sales representative can help you find the perfect software solution for your. Create and manage messages for your Hyperion® and 4U2SEE displays. Color and speed, manage messages, set up your message download display. Why Fog Systems Are Needed PDF. FAST 03 1C EASY Brochure. Toll free: 0508 4U2SEE. Head Office: Unit 4, 2 Reyburn Street, Central Whangarei 0110.

Brand New Technology - All are the newest generation and state-of-the-art. Our signs are better, brighter and have more features than other LED signs. They have low energy consumption which saves up to 90% in energy costs.

Advertise 24 hours a day with minimal power usage. They only use as much power as 1 or 2 normal light bulbs. They're completely silent.

We use high performance LED modules and the highest grade Meanwell power supply. They are easily programmed with the included wireless remote control qwerty keyboard. We can build you a custom sign if you have particular requirements that you do not see on this website.

Just call 888-885-7740. USA and Canada Certifications - All of our LED signs are Made in the USA with domestic and foreign parts. Our LED signs are built to a much higher standard than other LED signs. They're Metlab Certified, UL Compliant and CSA Compliant.

They come with a with a corresponding serial number which helps to verify that your sign is safe and meets local requirements. They are completely weatherproof with a sliding back panel that enables you to look inside. They have new advanced features. They are superior to other LED signs available on the Internet. Easy to Install - Our LED signs come ready to go with everything you need. All are lightweight, weatherproof and already assembled. They come with an instruction manual, brackets and a wireless remote control keyboard.

You can attach the brackets to anywhere on the top or the bottom of the sign. You can hang it yourself or use a handyman. Just plug it in a regular 110 volt electric outlet. They're simple to operate. Order 2 LED signs to display on both sides of a pole or a monument. Order them in a master-slave configuration if you want to display the same information on both sides.