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Sep 28, 2008 - Exclusive to MyUmmah.co.za – a free download track of Qari Mohammed Saley's latest audio CD. The track is titled “Asmaa-ul-Husnaa”. Download Asma-ul-Husna MP3 Favorites 99 beautiful names of Allah ( أسماءالحسنی ) mentioned in Quran. Various Artists - Sana Khawan.

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As Salam - The Source of Peace Hafeez sheikh is a very creative painter whose expertise lies in Islamic art. The beautiful array of his work can be seen on his website. His paintings are unique among his contemporaries. Most of his paintings manifest his love for Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala (English: “Glorious and exalted is He.' In short: SWT) and his messenger Muhammad (Peace be upon him, In short: PBUH). In Arabic, the word Allah (See Art: & ) means ‘The God’. It is derived from the union of the word ‘Al’ meaning ‘The’ and ‘Ilah’ Meaning ‘God’ (See Art: ).

The word Allah is the supreme and all-comprehensive divine name. The name Allah is unique and unmatched and indicates the existence of one creator of the universe who is omnipotent and all-powerful. To test what Allah can be, he has given an acid test in his book as he speaks to his servant (Prophet Mohammad) in The Holy Quran. In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. [Surah At-Tauhid (The Unity) 112] Say: He is Allah, the One and Only! Allah, the eternal, Absolute! He begets not, nor was he begotten.

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And there is none comparable unto Him. There are many other names of Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran, but these other names are attributes of the creator.

Names of the prophet muhammad

Allah is the best and the most suited name for God. It’s a common misconception that Allah is only the God of Muslims or people from the desert. In reality you will find Arab Jews and Christians calling upon Allah in their prayer, and even a Chinese Muslim will call upon Allah in his prayer. ‘La Ilaha illallah Muhammad Ur rasool Allah’ [There is no god except Allah and Muhammed is the messenger of Allah] is the central dogma of Islam around which the entire belief system revolves.

It is mandatory in Islam to have absolute and unquestionable faith in the oneness of Allah SWT and that Mohammed is the last Messenger of Allah. Key to the secrets. Artist Hafeez Sheikh is a very devoted man and he has been blessed with an amazing talent – a talent to convert his vision into a beautiful piece of art. He nurtures this talent and the proceeds from his work entirely go to the benefit of orphan children around the world. His love for Allah SWT and Islam are very well reflected in his paintings. He has used the best of colours and strokes to create a collection of some very unique and exceptional paintings. His paintings include the 99 beautiful names of Allah SWT (See Art: ) and The 99 names of The Prophet Pbuh (See Art: ).

You can see them on his website gallery (Visit: ). Some Surah’s in the Holy Quran begin with some letters which are called abbreviated letters (Al – muqattaat or loh-e-quran) (See Art: ). Many theories have been given as to what their meaning could be. These letters are used singularly or in combination but it is agreed that they have a mystical meaning. Artist Hafeez Sheikh has beautifully captured the mysteriousness of these letters (See Art: ) in his paintings. The striking combination of colours and strokes leave you mesmerised.