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Symlinks It is possible to create a symlink to the folder containing the game, tricking the game into believing it is installed in the correct location. • Create the folder C: Program Files (x86) Steam Steamapps Common Max Payne 3 • Run cmd as Administrator and navigate to C: Program Files (x86) Steam Steamapps Common Max Payne 3 • Run the command mklink /D 'Max Payne 3' 'K: Games Steam steamapps common Max Payne 3' Replacing 'K: Games Steam steamapps common Max Payne 3' with whatever path you have to your Max Payne 3 installation. Next time you run the game through Steam it will reinstall the prerequisites, and then let you play the game. Copy installation [ citation needed] The game must be installed under C: Program Files (x86) Steam Steamapps Common Max Payne 3 in order for Social Club to load, which is required to play the game. If the game was installed to a custom Steam folder, copy (not move) it to C: Program Files (x86) Steam Steamapps Common Max Payne 3, then have Steam uninstall the game, then reinstall it to the default location. Steam will detect the existing files and fix the installation, and the game will proceed properly.

If the problem is not solved: • Ensure the MaxPayne3.exe does NOT have compatibility or Admin rights settings applied. • Use the -scdetectproxy steam launch option. • Delete the Social Club installation folder (do not use the uninstaller). Install an earlier version of Rockstar Games Social Club such as v1.0.9.7. Run the game and it will tell you to update the Social Club program. Run the installer from Max Payne 3's MP3Installers folder. Unable to sign into Rockstar Games Social Club [ ].

List: • You don't have to fight on stadium with Passos, with enemies searching the balcony (wait till they gone). It's a place with painkillers ahead. • Fabiana dead during shooting from boat during cutscene (shoot on the enemies from the left side, you can accidently kill her on low brightness) • IT man will die if you go down the stairs. • Infinite loading of Branco's office PT 2 (disapears after few NYMHC attempts, try to not skip prior cutscenes to help against this) • Enemies stop to respawn, doors are closed, in Favela PT 1 (if you flip all the time through the section leading to enemy with flare, and if you run too fast when you spot him from distance - stay where you are when you'll see him until he disapear and when he shoot the flare) • Rare case when you can't pick up shotgun in a chapel • You can't shoot helicopter during cutscene of Favela PT 2 level (1. If you have no ammo left for M972 2.

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