Adobe Gamma Loader What Is

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Adobe Gamma Loader sets screen display color qualities for photo editing accuracy, may conflict with 3rd party profile and calibration systems 0 Type of Software.

+Adobe Gamma Loader: How do I Disable this Program Adobe Gamma is a free, visually-based monitor calibration program that is installed automatically when Photoshop is installed on Windows computers. Adobe Gamma can interfere with monitor calibration software. When you use any other application for creating display profiles, you should remove the Adobe Gamma Loader shortcut from the Startup program group on your system. Proceed as follows: • Click on ' Start'. • Hover over ' Programs' and then over ' Startup'. • Right-click on the Adobe Gamma Loader and choose ' Delete' from the dialog box. Warning: Do not resave a display profile created by Monaco software with the Adobe Gamma Control Panel.


The Adobe Gamma Control Panel can alter your display profile if you load and save the profile within it. If your display profile is listed as the default under ' Display Properties' - ' Settings' - ' Advanced' - ' Color Management' and (if it) is being loaded at startup, Adobe applications will recognize and use your display profile correctly.

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