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Drying Empty the water reservoir 1 Caution! The condensed water is not suitable for drinking or for use with foodstuffs. The water reservoir should be emptied after every drying programme. This avoids interruption of a programme when the water reservoir is full.

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0 Grasp the handle flap of the water reservoir and pull-outcompletely. 0 Push the cover of the water reservoir to the side and pour-outthe condensed water. 0 Re-insertthe water reservoir into the control panel. If the drying cycle has not yet ended: 0 Press the START/PAUSE button to resume the drying process.

3 The water reservoir has a capacity of approx. This is sufficient for a laundry load of 5 kg which has been machine spun at 800 revolutions per minute.

Clean the fluff filter To ensure efficient operation of the tumble dryer, clean the fluff filter after each drying program. Also check whether there are any remnants or fluff from the washing in the drum; remove immediately. 0 Press the catch of the filter lid downwards.

The filter lid will open. 0 Take-outthe fluff filter.

0 Remove fluff out of the fluff filter, with a moistened hand. 0 Re-insertthe fluff filter. 0 Press against the filter lid until it catches into the locking device.

3 The filter lid cannot catch shut without the fluff filter in place and the door cannot be closed. Fluff filter.The dryer must not be operated with a damaged or blocked Clean the condenser 1 When the CONDENSER display lights, it is essential to clean the condenser. See the section 'Cleaning and maintenance, cleaning the condenser'. Ensure articles to be dried are suitable for tumble drying. If they are one of the following symbols should be present on the care label: Normal drying Drying with special care (press the SPECIAL CARE button!) This fabric can be tumble dried.

The fabric manufacturer does not stipulate if the piece of laundry should be dried on a normal or gentle program. Antares auto-tune efx 3 torrent full. Do not tumble dry If you do not find any of these care symbols: Dry whites and coloureds as well as mixed fabrics at normal temperature. Press the SPECIAL CARE button if you are drying delicate fabrics. Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the condenser 1 Important!

When the CONDENSER display lights, it is essential to clean the condenser. Otherwise your dryer might suffer damage. In addition energy consumption will be increased if the condenser unit is covered with fluff. 0 Open the door.

0 Press on the two tabs to unlatch and take off the removable plinth. 0 Turn the two securing disks through a quarter turn each outwards. 0 Pull the condenser out of the base by the handle. 0 Clean the condenser, best with a handheld brush or by rinsing with a hand- held shower head. The water removal slits on the rear of the condenser must be free too. Do not use any sharply pointed objects to clean the condenser. They could make it leak.

0 Reinsert and push in and turn each one of the two securing disks through a quarter turn inwards. The words 'top – oben – en haut' must be at the top. 0 Re-mountthe plinth. The dryer must not be operated without condenser. Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the filter area 1 Important! A small amount of fluff may reach the area around the filter in spite of the fluff filter. Therefore you should clean the entire filter area from time to time, or at least every three months.

0 Remove the fluff filter. 0 Hold the filter lid by the top and pull it forwards until it is released from both holders. 0 Remove the fluff from the entire filter area – preferably with a vacuum cleaner. 0 Press both pins of the filter lid into the holders on the door until they click in. 0 Reinsert the fluff filter. 0 Press against the filter lid until it clicks into the lock.