Alerton Visual Logic Software

Another good way to get familiar with the software is to do facilities work for. But if you have access to a site, Visual Logic (Alerton's BMS programming utility in. Leading Alerton’s Ascent product line, Compass is a powerful, dynamic interface enabling users to monitor and control their facilities from anywhere, at any time. Compass incorporates the latest browser technology and is truly the marriage of current technology and building automation.

I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight on the best ways to prevent vendor lock when installing a new BMS system. In case that isn't a term used everywhere it means that it is easy to limit who can work on a BMS due to hardware/software constraints which seriously limit your ability to change contractors after the system has been installed. I believe the Niagra platform allows this as long as the vendor does not lock down the system (using NiCS).

Printer driver downloads. Any insight or resources would be very helpful! Independent BMS Consultant here. (I don't rep or sell any brands) in my experience, if a company or branch of a company is expending effort to lock access to a clients BMS. They should be dropped immediately. It shows they are insecure in the quality of their work and fear the client might bring in someone else.

A company that is really good at what they do, doesn't fear competition. And for those that say they are trying to 'protect' the system from an untrained client: first train the client, second if the client is making changes without calling you, it's because they don't trust you or think your worth the money - you have the power to change that. Edit: agree with definitely include in the contract that you have administrative password to system including passwords to the panels and copies if the programming. For extra points, ask the vendor provide flow charts along with the the sequence of Operations a bit of pain for them to generate, but usually a lot easier to diagnose issues than reading their code for GPL • • • •. I totally get that first part. Request passwords for the panels as well as the main system is a good idea.

I always require a sequence of operation before commissioning so that is take care of. I guess my question is that a lot of products are claimed to be open but they are really not. As an independent do you have any hardwares/softwares that you would recommend that end up with the most flexibility? I'm seeing a lot of Alerton, Delta, Vykon/Niagra. Recommendations for good reading as well would be great! Thanks so much • • • • •.

I would stick with Niagara, just keep in mind that even if a vendor says they are open they can still lock you out. Request to see the license files in JACEs and verify that they are unlocked. Request both Station and platform credentials from the system integrator. Tridium is great because its purpose is flexibility. You can use bacnet mstp/ip, Lon, modus and others all on the same system. The new version (N4) will not require license upgrades to get driver access to the standard communication protocols. You can find a lot of sales brochures here: • • • • •.

I am a controls tech and I come across this fairly often. The company I work for sells Alerton as well as Tridium products (Vykon and JENEsys brands). We always install 'open' licenses in our Tridium systems, which removes any brand restrictions for connecting to the system. Tridium's hardware platform (JACE), has a license installed that can limit which brands of Tridium are allowed to connect to it. An example would be a Honeywell JACE that only allows Honeywell branded Tridium software to connect to it. Including this in the contract is the best way to go. I was involved in a large hospital job where they had all Alerton controls at the field level, with a Tridium system at the front end for graphics, trending, alarms, etc.

The customer had us supply them with a licensed copy of both the Tridium and Alerton engineering tools, so they can do virtually anything a controls tech could do such as install an Alerton field controller, program it, bring it in to the front end, and create graphics/alarms for the new controller they added. I work with Delta Controls product daily, and although their workstation software is locked down with a hardware USB key, there aren't any limits or restrictions on adding any BACnet device to the network or anything preventing a BACnet device from talking to their controllers. We always supply the customer with finalized asbuilt packages that include sequence of operation and complete network layout. Customer workstations are pretty much always given 100% admin access to the controls system and only lock down separate user accounts if the customer requests it. Worked for Automated Logic. Some county school systems are exclusive to ALC system. Works like a champ.