Asetek Chill Control Software

Below are frequently asked questions about Asetek liquid cooling. Asetek's liquid cooling solutions provide superior CPU cooling – providing a safe margin for over-clocking. This way you can control the speed of those fans via software if your cooler is compatible. Setting your software to either Quiet or Custom can make sure. Oct 13, 2003 - asetek's ChillControl Windows beta An exclusive look at asetek's latest. Working on a Windows-based version of their ChillControl software.

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Thermal management specialist Asetek has developed a new pump technology that promises to deliver both quieter computing and optimum cooling performance. Liquid Temperature Fan Control offers users either automated fan speed adjustment for plug and play usability or hands-on tweaking, for those who like to take control of their hardware. The company has also updated and re-issued its ChillControl monitoring and control application – a one-stop-shop for checking, defining and adjusting system cooling performance parameters.

Keeping the latest graphics cards and CPUs cool is the name of the game to sustain long and intense marathon gaming sessions. That’s where Asetek liquid cooling comes in. We invented the 'closed loop' all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler specifically to solve complex thermal challenges and enable greater overclocking potential. Alternatively, 'custom loop' liquid cooling is far more complex where the loop must be drained and cleaned regularly to prevent algae buildup.

The cleaning process and added maintenance can lead to leaks and spillage on your vital system components. Our AIO coolers include hassle-free installation and a fire-and-forget operation that requires ZERO maintenance. Important Cookie Information - this message will appear only once - Dismiss To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies and by continuing to use the site you agree that we can save them on your device. Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer and which remember your preferences/some details of your visit.

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