Banki Zvukov Dlya Sibelius 7

Modern Bass Expander is a collection of 227 bass sounds utilizing all available oscillators and filters in Diva to its fullest. The original idea of the expansion was to create a normal bread & butter collection of bass sounds for Diva - but during the exploration of the filters and oscillators the collection grew and took a definite turn to the more modern with nasty wobbles, insane pitch loops, bass stabs, massive synth stacks and - thanks to the two LFOs - we were even able to create simple arpeggios and sequences. As the collection is mainly intended for modern dance productions, there are no traditional Moog-basses or typical Juno PWM sounds - only sounds aimed for the clubs.

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Requirements: U-he Diva Number of sounds: 227 Format: U-he Diva format Style: Bass expander IMPORTANT - MODERN BASS EXPANDER is a soundset for the U-he Diva software synthesizer. This product requires a fully working copy of Diva to work. The sounds have been developed with Diva for OS X but have been fully tested on PCs as well.

Working faster than the speed of thought is a necessity for producers today and relying on quality sources of new sounds – be it through great sample libraries, or through the acquisition of new gear – is similarly essential. But with 'the recipes for success' becoming ever more defined the temptation to lean a little too hard on third parties and go with the flow is increasingly problematic. Fact is, if you really want to define a sound that really is all your own then you're going to have to make your own sounds. This one's for the house music beat freaks: 4000+ drum and percussion one-shots and sampler kits from No Dough's stunning House Music collection. Offering a broad selection of tonal characteristics for each sound, each hit has been processed with some of the most enduring and sought-after outboard equipment available, including Studer 1/4 T ape Machines, SSL Compressors and custom built Outboard EQ with specially designed and tweaked chains.

An essential collection for house music beat freaks, it's an expertly crafted drum database designed with the sole aim of adding a depth, warmth and crunch that's so hard to re-create without masses of hardware and is so often missing with other sample collections. In summary, the collection packs in club-ready kicks, claps, snares, hats, cymbals and assorted percussion hits, with each one-shot offered with two analogue tape variations, processed through chains of high-end outboard and a classic Studer A800 tape machine and Studer Reox machine for that elusive warmth and colour. Each section comes with a full complement of custom Kontakt4 instruments, so you can get to work tweaking and using the right tools for each sound with zero set-up time in your sampler.

Banki Zvukov Dlya Sibelius 7

Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Logics EXS24, Reasons NNXT and special patches for import into Ableton are also included. All the patches are organised for various samplers for ease of use, making full use of all the tools and technology t hat allow t he modern producer the ability to concentrate on writing great music with unique and cutting edge results that may otherwise be prohibitively expensive. Apprend moi mireille mathieu download.

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