Better Fps Mod For Minecraft 189 Mac

Continuing with 's observation: as far as solutions that don't involve tearing open your computer (in case you aren't tech-savvy): it could be the integrated graphics card (which minecraft/java defaults to). I don't know anything about your computer specs at this time, so I'm limited in how much I can help you, but if you start minecraft and press & hold [F3] and [C] (and if on a Mac, hold [fn] too) for about 6 seconds. This will crash your game.

MagicaVoxel, VoxelShop, and Qubicle are probably your best bets out of the 24. Each color on, making the vertex count very high and FPS of final game very low. For DooM mods. The ability import polymesh models is useful for those more complicated models. Export as: FBX, OBJ, STL, Collada, Minecraft Schematic.

Copy the crash report and paste it as a reply to my comment, it will help me identify your hardware (and other programmers/developers out there, I'm not going to force him/her to use pastebin when this works just as well and I can read it all from my reddit mail this way). Until then: assuming its your graphics card, look at your computer's case or box if came in if you have it, and see if you see NVIDIA or AMD on it anywhere (if its AMD, make sure it says 'graphics' not 'processor'). Assuming it says NVIDEA or has its logo somewhere, do the following: Minimize everything. Right click on background (assuming windows not mac here, sorry), click: NVIDIA Control Panel Click: Manage 3D Settings Click: Program Settings tab Click: Add, then find javaw.exe (it will have a bunch of garbage in front and behind of the 'javaw.exe') and Add Selected Program Go to section 2, click on the Use Global Setting (Auto-select: Integrated) and select High-performance NVIDIA processor Click: Apply Close minecraft and its launcher and restart them. If its anything other than NVIDIA graphics on Windows operating system, these steps will need slight changes, but without that crash log I can't help you more. And this is going off Miented's point that this is a graphics card problem.

Hi, thank you for the long reply! I have a AMD Radeon HD 7520g with 512mb graphic memory, 8GB RAM, AMD Dual Core Processor. This isn't the best laptop, but it runs Black Ops 2 and other heavy games. Okay, I think I got it (if it is the graphics).

Here's what to do. Hit [windows key] and [C], click search. Search for 'configure switchable graphics', click that. Open your minecraft launcher, 'edit profile', copy the line next to 'Executable: '. It should begin with 'C: User ' (if you cannot copy it, try checking the box next to it, copy, then uncheck it). Close the launcher, and go back to your other window, and try to paste it in the line above 'browse', and add it to the list above.


If you can't, then click 'browse', and paste it in the address bar of you window's explorer window (and remove the javaw.exe part at the end). That should take you there.

If all else fails, paste into notepad/word and just follow the file to browse to javaw.exe. *Either way, just add it to that list somehow* Then, click on it in the list and select 'Performance' instead of 'not assigned' or 'power saving'. 'Apply', and restart minecraft.

If you cannot get 'configure switchable graphics' to open, let me know, I see how to do it, but its a lot to type if you don't need it. If that doesn't work Right click on desktop background, 'Catalyst control center' 'Gaming' '3D settings', then click the 'add' tab. Add javaw.exe to it using the method above (in the grey scroll box area) Configure everything to the best setting, apply, restart minecraft.

If that doesn't work, try right clicking minecraft.exe and click something along the lines of 'Run using Radeon HD 7520G'. If its still not fixing it, its not graphics unlike what Miented said, and I'm not quite sure what to do.

All I can figure is that maybe your lag is causing your mouse to jump, and possibly that lag is coming from mods (other than optfine, if you have any others). All you can do is backup your saves and screenshots folders, delete.minecraft, let it regenerate, and paste them back. Sounds like you do need a clean install of minecraft, but just by redownloading it won't 'clean' minecraft. What you should try doing is copy your.minecraft folder over to your desktop, delete it from appdata/roaming, then reinstall minecraft.

If that doesn't fix it, then just copy the.minecraft folder back there from the desktop. If it does fix it then try copying over your saves and screenshots folders from the copy on your desktop over to the new.minecraft folder, and see if that still works. If it does: yay!

Your data isn't lost or corrupted. If the problem returns: your saves folder is corrupt or has some items in it from a modded game that is causing lag. OK, I seemed to have fixed it.

I did a full fresh reinstall of Minecraft and Java, and ran Minecraft. I made a survival world and joined in, walked around for a bit, and its fixed! Acer eg31m v10 motherboard drivers download. I then tried to install Optifine, and ran Minecraft with Optifine and the mouse lag returned. I then went back to Minecraft without Optifine, and the mouse lag was not there! I wonder what in Optifine is causing this, because I have got a cape with Optifine I bought that I like, and Optifine does increase performance, but I did fix the lag and found the problem. Thanks for the help guys!