Blank Biohimii Krovi

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Simply go to or set the Redesign as your default experience in. • The Setting Ever since World at War people have been wanting and speculating about a Stalingrad map. Gorod Krovi delivers on that community desire. The map's setting is still unique from other interpretations of Stalingrad in other games.

The German and 935 propaganda give the map a unique aesthetic. • Gameplay Gorod Krovi has an excellent balance between simple and complex gameplay. All the core features of the map, the wonder weapon, pack a punch, shield, and perks, are all easily accessible by all players. But the extra mechanics, things like the gauntlet, shield upgrade, and monkey bomb upgrade, require more knowledge about the map and its inner workings. • Storyline I'm not talking about the main storyline, I'm talking about the backstory of this dimension's battle of Stalingrad.

Treyarch wrote an interesting story about how the Soviets reverse engineered 935's weapons as well as developing unique weapons to combat the dragons. They definitely nailed the setting and atmosphere of this map.

The aesthetics of it, the sounds and music, it's all done perfectly. The weapon variety is amazing as well.


However, there are a lot of gameplay aspects that hold it back, namely the Valkyrie Drones. The wonder weapon becomes useless, greatly discouraging high round players from attempting this map. The Valkyrie Drones appear way too frequently for how much effort it takes to kill them. The only solid strat for this map was made almost impossible shortly after release, and the EE is a one-and-done deal for most players, taking into account the difficultly of it, not to consider it's reputation was marred by all the glitches at first. Great map in practice, lots of issues in execution. While I think Gorod Krovi is an amazing map and it has such a good atmosphere and setting, I can't bring myself to play it now days. I remember it being my favourite map on BO3 DLC 3's release.

But around the time Rev was announced (or teased) I had grown bored of Gorod. Like, so bored of it all that it really is the hardest map to get into.