Brazostweaker V 10 7 Russkaya Versiya

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Ps3 bruteforce save data 42. Hello, i have laptop with AMD E-450 and HD6320, i know it's not perfect for gaming(i do have my gaming rig at home), but still trying to get better performance with this one. Windows 7 works a bit slower than Ubuntu, but it has more games which are compatible. I see ppl are playing gmod with laptop like mine, but i can only get ~10-15 fps.- drivers,.net, dx and others updated. So would i get some boost with Win8 instead of Win7?

Was able to get around 10 hours life time when i bought it(pre installed win7) and after reinstall i am only capable of getting around 7 hours. (thats only for browsing or pdf reading, not gaming). That depends because there are tradeoffs. Sure Windows 8 is a leaner O/S just like Windows 7 is compared to Visa, but you might have issues getting the proper drivers or have to settle with the more generic ones that come included with Windows 8. The most important two for gaming are usually the video and sound so perhaps before taking the plunge, see if those drivers are available for Windows 8. I'm pretty sure your graphics card is covered.

If you want to try for free, MS has a 90 day eval of Windows 8 Enterprise, that would give you and idea of how it would perform before plunking down your cash. Or if you just want to go for it, Amazon has Windows 8 upgrades for about $85.00 which you will be able to get the upgrade to 8.1 for free that is coming out on the 18th. Here is the link to the Enterprise Eval Oh as far as your battery issue goes, that is more than likely a chipset driver issue or your battery could just be wearing out. Some batteries wear out quicker than others. Usually after the first year they start showing signs of wear. Just installed windows 8.1 (got free early access key which will work for 2 years, well i am IT student, so i have access to lots of MS items for free, and win8.1 is a full version), well it works pretty well, got a little bit more fps and it works pretty smooth overall(interface and non gaming apps).

Of course there are minor problems, like fn keys for brightness which don't work(tryed many solutions on MS forums, still does not want to work for me) and sound button light indicator(well that fn button works, just indicator stays orange(means off)). And thanks i'll try brazos tweaker.