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To be fair I don’t really HATE Subaru, I found him to be moe in his own way but I just felt like there were brothers who stood out way more and could have gotten with her. Since it seemed like Natsume was one of the top candidates, I feel like having Subaru win over him is a total cop out lol. Though in my own little world I feel like Masaomi’s the true OTP cause in the game he’s the only one who marries her and has her babies and makes a “new family” for her so she can finally feel like she’s “part” of something. XD guess the author didn’t feel the same way www •. I thought you would never write a review on BB, and I’m so glad you did because I was really curious about your opinion on all of them!

(specially Ukyo, Natsume and Asuza). Tbh I never felt Iori was fitting into the group as much as his other brothers (is he better integrated in the novels?) so the only thing that interested me about him was the fact he had a bad end.but then I get pissed he’s the only one with one so I just dislike him lol (not that it’s memorable, I heard they were just in their own bubble 4evaaaa or something). How to say it, I appreciate BroCon to be a PG game but all the niceness makes you wish some darker kink would come spice things up sometimes XD. I heard about the novel’s ending and it made no sense to me either. In game, manga or anime they’re clearly pushing for one of the triplets so unless in the novels it remained a mystery until the last second I’m just???

I am the editor as well as one of the leaders of Passion and Brilliance, the project team that is working on the Brothers Conflict games. We are translating both Passion Pink and Brilliant Blue. Our site with all our information can be located here: Passion & Brilliance; Documentation (especially concerning ROMHacking) can be located in this. 2015-05-31, 15+, Xiongdi zhi Zheng Jiqing Fenhong, Freeware Doujin Internet download. TBA, 15+, Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink, Freeware Doujin.

How they could push for a LI that’s not even going to end up as winner in the source material. Lol I had nothing to do during my commute and there hadn’t been any Vita games that interested me so.I was like hmm well why not?

Maket ugolovnogo dela po st 111 chicago. 😆 I’ve never read the novels so I’m not sure how well he’s integrated into it but yea he’s definitely an outcastbut that’s mostly out of his own accord. I mean he pretty much is like “fuck u all my bae is dead /despair /wristslash” lol Yea I don’t get the Subaru push.

I don’t hate the guy but I felt like they could have chosen someone else. Or at least the game should have portrayed him better? Then again the game came out way before the novel was coming to a conclusion so I guess it can’t be helped.

I’m sure had the game come out after the novel ended they might have done more work on his route to make him seem more like the OTP. Ah, I was surprised when I saw you were playing this one on your sidebar, considering how much you complained about PP! I decided to skip PP after watching anime because I was more interested in Natsume and Ukyo than most of the rest- and it paid off. (Glad you liked those routes as well!) I also decided to spoil myself for Juri route and was like “yep, no need to go PP for this only”. I’m mildly interested in Kaname and Subaru (though dislike novel endgame, but really more the fact there is endgame and shitty ways they got some of guys out of line), but they look pretty stereotypical so it doesn’t feel like I’m missing much. Anyway, I didn’t run into any bugs here, so I guess most problems from PP are fixed, and I also didn’t have problems with family love being too high – as long as it’s not too high in certain routes, but guides were very helpful there. And yeah, they fit old (well, Anniversary) Alice routes on one disk, and it’s not like there was so much more material – actually, in BroCon they don’t even have banter for everyday meetings- and CGs aren’t that HQ either.

The only reason I can think of is $$$+less time necessary to push the first one out, to fit with anime contract and novels just being finished (before people forget about them). Lol yea I started digging into my backlog when I had to sit around waiting for games to arrive (that I bulked together to save on shipping:P) to be fair Kaname had one of the hottest routes in the entire series so I recommend it a lot lol. And yea the system changes were a huge difference to the decrease in frustration compared to PP. If I played this first and PP 2nd I’d be complaining out the ass. I doubt Otomate will care enough to port this to Vita though since they’d rather make another 10 Hakuoki games 🙄 •.