Burgess Powerline Bandsaw Bbs 20 Manual

Burgess BBS-20 Bandsaw Instructions. 20 bandsaw and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get an instruction manual for it. Got a Mk2 Burgess bandsaw, dose.

I recently received a band saw by power line-burgess model BBS-20 mark 2 Does anyone happen to have its manual? Does anybody have any instructions on how to set the blade?

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Unfortunately I don't have the blade and belt and would like to know what is the blade size - length, width, thickness, number of teeth? What are the sizes of the belt? Is it possible to buy the plastic ring the saw passes through?

Burgess powerline bandsaw bbs 20 manual download

Is it possible to purchase any or all of these items? I would love to have websites or phone numbers of stores, and will appreciate any help. Does anybody happen to know where was the band saw manufactured? Thank you very much Elkana. No longer in production so, apart from belts and blades, spares are difficult. Thank you all for answering and helping. Since you have a similar device would you be kind enough to help me in the following questions?

What is the right length of the blade in the catalogues it is written the length 1435 mm. I gave the device to a repair shop and they installed a 1446 mm length blade.

What would be the correct length or does this device allow all sizes between these measures? What is the thickness of the material it is made of? In the device I got the 4 wheels (stoppers) are not connected to the body of the device. Would it be possible to have a picture, drawing, explanation on how they should be attached, connected?

Does the blade on its back side need to pass through the slot of the iron wheel? In my country it is difficult to manufacture 0.014 inch blades, I can manufacture iron wheels identical to those I have, in which there will be a slot that will allow 0.025 blades to pass trough. Would it harm or be problematic for the device to work properly? Do you happen to own a user manual? Thank you very much for your help Elkana Hi, I was a rep for Burgess Products (Sapcote, Leicestershire) in the late 60s and 70s. The BBS20 in those days cost about £25.00. We sold thousands of them.

It was a great machine, and like many Burgess Products it was well ahead of its time, both in design and inovation. It had its foibles though. Throwing its blade being the worst of them. There was a knack to setting one up properly though, and once done they worked very well.

One tip; Once a curve has been cut with a bandsaw blade theset of the teeth changes. This makes it almost impossible to make a straight cut with a guide, and this has to be done by hand, giuding material through at an angle. When I worked for the company in those days, if a customer had problems we would visit them and fix any problems they had. Can you imagine service like that these days? Dan 10 articles I used one of these about 25 years ago.