Chertezhi Dlya Ekskavatora Ekg 5

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Welcome to EKG! The let's play/gaming channel of The People. The channel is run by Eric (Ejax) Lukas (Kloudy) and editor Paul (Paul). Winning eleven 2000 u23 iso download. Become one of 'The People' and Subscribe. We strive for a balance between modern and classic games that few channels seem to strike. We drop the gimmicks such as face cams out the window for a more intimate, 'Join your buddies on the couch' feel.

We are a weird hybrid of podcast and let's play similar to a game grumps, but with that small channel charm that ya just don't get from bigger channels. Our side videos look to expand our content, from Kloudy's rant(s) to his top 10's, to his top 5's, to his quick reviews, Kloudy looks to use his creativity to create diverse and unique content. Can't install sticky notes for windows 10. The brand new side seires 'Co-op Troop' Is run my editor Paul and co-host DJosh, as the two play strictly co-op games. The schedule, can seem confusing, but it is really simple the 1 o'clock slot is for campaigns, alternating between the 2. Mon, Wed, Fri, for Kloudy, Tues, Thurs, Sat for Ejax. The 4 o'clock slot is a flex slot, Mondays it is used for Multiplayer, Tues, Thurs, Sat it is used for Co-Op troop, and Wed, and Friday can be anything! From Guests like Jake, to battles, to one-offs, to even other campaigns!

Help us make the show better at: or follow us on twitter at: Edited By: Paul Christian Intro Song By: Jay Zahn (And Lukas but who cares) Intro Animation By: TheSmashToons. Thank you all for the continued support! We are nothing without The People so thank you. Sincerely, The Boys of EKG, Eric, Lukas, and Paul.