Chertezhi Samoleta H 14a

The most famous among the ultra-light aircraft is the Cree-Cree (which was shown in the movie 'Armor of God' with Jackie Chan in the main role) a twin-engined 'mini' weighing 63 kg. A simple angular shape of the fuselage, an unusually large 'streamlined' cockpit lantern, as well as two engines installed on the pylons in the bow of the fuselage. By design, 'Cre-Cree' is a one-piece all-metal low-wing.

The plane is exclusively amateur and is designed for self-production at home. ================================ The kit includes: Drawings (full) 42 sheets. Characteristics of 3 sheets. The description of the aircraft 18 sheets. Article about the plane 5 sheets. Drawings and manuals in English. But everything is clear in principle.

Drawings aircraft Le HM-293. In Favorites.

The product volume is 40 Mb. PDF format ================================ Flight-technical characteristics of the 'Cree-Cree' * Full wingspan, m. 4.9 * Wing chord (without flaps), m.

0.48 * Wing chord (with flaps), m. 0.63 * Total wing area, sq.

3.1 * Wing extension. 7.75 * Transverse angle of the wing (from the root), degree. 4 * Twist of the wing, degree.- 1.5 * Type of ailerons. Junkers * The total length of the aircraft, m. 3.91 * Total height of the aircraft, m. 1.2 * The range of G.O., m.

1.55 * Chord, G.O., m. 0.395 * Track chassis, m. 1.1 * Base of the chassis, m. 1.15 * Diameter of propellers, m. 0,695 * Base of propellers, m. 0.95 * Length of the cockpit, m.

1.3 * Width of the cockpit, m. 0,55 * Height of the cockpit, m. 0.82 * Wing profile.

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VORTMANN * Diameter of the nose wheel, mm. 200x50 * Diameter of the main wheels, mm. 210x70 * Engine, 2 piece.

JPX PUL-212 * Power, 2 pcs. For 15 hp * Revolutions, rpm.

6000 * Capacity of the fuel tank, l. 23 * Maximum empty weight, kg. 75 * Maximum take-off weight, kg. Speed ​​in the dive, km / h. Horizontal speed, km / h. Cruising speed, km / h. 200 * Flaps down.

72 * Flaps removed. Rate of climb, m / s.

Class 66 drivers manual. Rate of climb (with one engine), m / s. 1.5 * Ceiling, m. 5000 * Running time, m.


100 * Distance to H = 15 m, m. 300 * Mileage, m. 150 * Distance from H = 15 m, m. Range of flight, km. 400 * Time of flight, h.

3 * Fuel consumption, l / 100 km. + 10 / -5 *Max. How to pay for the goods on the trading floor PLATI.RU Here you will find descriptions and videos payment methods. ================================ Immediately after payment you will receive a link for downloading the product. ================================ If for some reason you were not able to see the product page - visit At this address, safely store all the goods purchased by you and you can always access them after the purchase.