Class 66 Drivers Manual

Class 66 Enhancement Pack. Navigated by using the keyboards controls listed on page 3 of this manual: Main Menu This is the first screen you see when turning on (Ctrl+Numpad Enter) the EM2000. Torrent lia model gallery. This is what most drivers will use whilst driving. The main data it displays is throttle position, reverser status, engine RPM, amps & speed. CLASS 323 DRIVERS MANUAL. 2 LIST OF CONTENTS SUBJECT MATTER PAGE NUMBER. Class 323 electric multiple unit trains are formed into three-car standard class sets. On in this manual. 4 TRAIN DATA AND GENERAL INFORMATION Train formations Typical three.

'If (the Driver Safety Device) is not constantly monitored and acknowledged by the driver whilst a train is in motion the system will automatically apply the train brakes' Freightliner spokesman A spokesman added to MailOnline: 'However it is virtually impossible for a sleeping driver to set a stationary train into motion as it requires the active operation of a power handle. 'This class of locomotive (66) are fitted with a Driver Safety Device (DSD) part of which is a vigilance system, that if it is not constantly monitored and acknowledged by the driver whilst a train is in motion the system will automatically apply the train brakes.'

While running a scenario with a Class 66 V2.0 loco, I failed to hit the AWS button fast enough and my train went into an emergency stop. I tried everything I could think of for the next 20 minutes and NEVER could get the brakes to release!

Can someone please tell me, step-by-step, what I need to do when this happens again? I'm sure I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what. Also, has anyone else experienced the AWS doesn't work (shut off the alarm) on the HUD? Is there anything I can do to correct this?

I hear the alarm and I believe the HUD lights up, but when I click on it, it does not respond. Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Hello, as a real driver myself, I can assist. You need to equalise the brake system in order to release your AWS emergency stop brake application. After your train has come to an emergency stop with your AWS possibly still sounding, press Q to cancel the AWS. Close your power handle, make a full application of your locomotive ‘engine only’ brake (if fitted) place your direction selector in the centre position, make a full application of your ‘train brake’ and ‘hold that position’, watching your brake gauges until no further movement of needles is indicated. Return your ‘train brake’ to the ‘release’ position and again, watch your brake gauges until a full release is indicated and the brake system now equalised.

Class 66 drivers manual pdf

East west quantum leap voices of passion crack full. Place your direction selector into the forward position, open your power handle to notch one, release your ‘engine only’ brake when amps rise indicating power taken and you should start moving again. Thank you, everyone, for your help and suggestions! Chicken Balti, your step-by-step instructions are just what I'm looking for and I will try this the next time I'm in trouble.