Colombo Road Map Free Download

Sri Lanka Maps & Guides • • • • • Sri Lanka Travel Maps Sri Lanka Travel Map. Physical road map with hypsometric tinting. Fully indexed, includes symbols for tourist features, sites, and ammenities, and an inset map of Colombo.

Jun 21, 2018 - Sri Lanka Road Map - The road map of Sri Lanka is showing the roads network that connecting all the important cities and towns of country.

65-33901 1 sheet, folded. $12.95 Sri Lanka Tourist Map. Sri Lanka Survey Dept. 1st edition, 1996.

This is the official government tourist map. The map is double-sided. One side has a road map showing some shaded relief and some vegetation coloring, roads, and some symbols for tourist sites and services.

There are several pictures of tourist sites in the margins. The reverse side has six city-center maps, index to towns, distance guide, and more. 65-33904 1 set, folded $10.95 Road Atlas of Sri Lanka. Of Sri Lanka. 1st edition, 1996. This small atlas (6-1/2' x 9') contains a 1:500,000 physical/road map of Sri Lanka.

This map is more detailed than the map listed below. The atlas also contains a 1:25,000 map of Colombo, plus smaller city center maps for 8 provincial capitals and 6 other cities.

An index is also included. NOTE: only one copy left. 65-3388 Atlas $14.95 Sri Lanka National Atlas.

2007, 2nd edition. Sri Lanka Survey Department. This atlas contains maps covering such topics as Physical Features; People; Agriculture; Industry, Power, and Transport; Commerce; and Government Administration. It contains 80 sub-sections, supported by 58 maps, 201 map-figures, 153 figures, 165 tables, and 245 color photographs. A complete index comprising places and features, sub-themes, sub-headings is also included. This full-color atlas is in English. 65-3348 Atlas $234.90 Wilpattu National Park map.

Sri Lanka Survey Department, 1984. Basic road map of this national park.

Colombo Road Map Free Download

Includes Folded, 28 x 24 inches. 65-3370 1 sheet, folded $8.95 A - Z Street Guide of Colombo and Suburbs. Sri Lanka Survey Dept, 3rd edition, 2000. Detailed street atlas covering Colombo. Includes a list of streets that have been re-names in the past few years, a complete street index, and an index of public buildings and other points of interest.

Atlas is 45 pages, 7.25 x 9.75', center-stapled. 65-3392CO Atlas $14.95 City of Colombo Street Map. Sri Lanka Survey Dept, 2006.

Detailed street map covering Colombo. Includes a complete street index on the reverse.

Map size is 37 x 22'. 65-3392CP 1 sheet, flat $10.95 Sri Jayawardanapura Colombo & Suburbs Street Map. Sri Lanka Survey Dept, 1997. This small map shows main roads in and around Colombo. Map size is 20 x 14'. 65-3392CQ 1 sheet, flat $4.95 Street Maps of Sri Lankan Cities.

Sri Lanka Survey Dept. Detailed street maps covering various cities in Sri Lanka. Most are flat/rolled, color maps (unless noted otherwise). 65-3392AN Anuradhapura Town street map. With UTM grid.

Size is 25 x 27'. $10.BA Bandarawela Town street map. Black/white map. Size is 24 x 25'. $4.CH Chilow Town street map.

Black/white map. Size is 25 x 15'.

$5.GA Galle Town street map. With UTM grid.

With inset map of the Fort. Size is 26 x 36'. $10.KA Kataragama Sacred City and Trade Zone street map. Size is 18 x 23'. $7.KE Kegalle Town street map.

With UTM grid. Size is 18 x 26'. $10.MA Matara Town street map. Size is 21 x 30'.

$8.PO Polonnaruwa Town street map. With UTM grid.

Size is 28 x 24'. $10.RA Ratnapura Town street map. With UTM grid. Size is 28 x 29'. $10.TR Trincomalee Town street map.

Atake usb serial driver download. With UTM grid. Size is 22 x 25'. $10.95 Sri Lanka Physical Map. Sri Lanka Survey Department. This excellent 4-sheet map shows the topography of Sri Lanka and includes roads, towns and villages, and more. With latitude/longitude grid. Transverse Mercator projection.

Each sheet is 39 x 24'. 65-3349 4 sheets, rolled $27.95 Sri Lanka Satellite Map. Colorful satellite image poster of Sri Lanka. 65-3378 1 sheet, rolled $29.99 Sri Lanka Topographic Maps Sri Lanka 1:50,000 Topographic Quadrangle Maps. Sri Lanka Survey Department, 2000-2004. There are 92 sheets for total coverage of Sri Lanka, 89 are currently available (sheets 47, 68, 89 are not available).