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I'm on a Core i5 iMac running MacOS 10.12 Sierra. I want to upgrade to Mojave. I am still using iPhoto (v. 9.6.1), because I regard Photos (from Apple or Google) as iPhoto Lite.

Apple abandoned iPhoto a few years ago and in the process they stopped serving my needs. I regard Photos as a smartphone/tablet photo appliance. I store metadata in my iPhoto library as both prose captions and abbreviated labels in Events titles (I was improvising hashtag-like strings as titles long before the term 'hashtag' was in use in social media).

I'm looking for something. Have you actually tried the Photos app again? I love iPhoto, but today, I don’t see what the current Photos app is lacking other than missing some old slideshow themes. Even the editing in Photos is quite powerful now while still being easy to use. The next jump is Lightroom, but the subscription thing really turns me off. Capture One is trying, but not as easy nor fast as Lightroom. For most people, the current Apple Photos app is more than sufficient, and it ticks all your requirements as well.

Give it another shot. Click to expand.OK, Photoshop is an editing program, not a photo archiving program, so apples to oranges there. And you haven't really said what it is about Photos you find so disgusting (!) but I can tell you that if you find Lightroom convoluted, you're not gonna do much better with any other pro-level apps.

I'm not a pro photographer, maybe more of an 'enthusiast' level, but I use Photos to manage a library of 30,000+ images from various cameras I've had over the years from old pocket Canons, scanned photos, iPhones, the Olympus OM-D I use now. Before Photos, I used iPhoto for many years when it was current. And at this point, I have to echo what pika2000 above said: I can't think of much that iPhoto did then that Photos doesn't do now. I find it reliable and quite powerful.

Edit history is maintained so originals can be reverted to. There are some good metadata features. Face (and even object) recognition has been getting better and better. And everything is synced with iCloud so I can look and edit my photos on my iPhone, iPad, or even on the iCloud website. And as far as trusting it, inside the single 'Photos Library' file there's folder after folder with all the original JPEGs and RAW files inside it. I keep that sucker backed up, believe me, and not just with iCloud, with hard drive copies, multiple versions going back as far as possible.

I'm paranoid that way. Click to expand.Two years ago I cancelled my Adobe subscription and I tried so many apps. It was sad that so many over promised and underdelivered.

While I despise the subscription model, there's no getting around the fact that Lightroom, offers the most integrated, polished and powerful photo management t application. There's a reason they're number one. I'm back on Lightroom. I know of people that spend a lot of time managing their photos using many different products, for me LR provides one stop shopping.

The best in the industry DAM. Lirik lagu rohani kristen terbaru. Solid RAW processing, a great plug-in system. Click to expand.There are a few open-source options you could look at too. Both Darktable and digiKam run on macOS and have a number of the features you've asked about. Darktable is probably the more powerful of the two (think Aperature or Lightroom), but if it's too much power than digiKam is also worth a look. The downside to both is that their UIs are not mac-native (darktable's takes some getting used to).