Diablo 2 Median Xl Item Pack

Median XL is a giant and most popular modification for Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction that change almost every aspect of original game. New skills, new items, new monsters with improved AI, new interior and exterior locations and tons of gameplay changes awaits you. If you hard enough to get 50+ level and play on Terror and Destruction difficulties you will encounter many thrilling challenges with exclusive rewards. On this website you will found detailed instruction how to install Diablo 2 + Median XL Ultimative (Median XL extension) + PlugY (better inventory, stash and small fixes) + D2MultiRes (support for modern resolutions), and little info for cheaters too.;) And don't forget to check out, especiallly the.

This is a selection of modifications I’ve done for Diablo 2. They’re mostly small gameplay tweaks or fixes that you can mix and match with each other or mods from. Median XL & Ultimative Modifications for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Median XL is a giant and most popular modification for Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction that change almost every aspect of original game. New skills, new items,.

There is no reason to love of hate cheaters: when you playing a single player game, decision to cheat is only between you and your PC. Contents: • • • Infinite stats, skill points and money To edit some values of your Diablo II character you can choose one of two ways: download specialized program to change the values (works great with original Diablo II, but not with Median XL, most known example is Hero Editor) or hack the values by yourself with Cheat Engine — a program that allow you to find in-game values in process memory and change them on the fly. It works with most games and even can help you to change unknown values, or change game mechanics (to heal you instead of damage, for example). And first difficulty that expect us is — don't miss the small link to Cheat Engine without virus-like advertisement. You can repeat this operations for your skill points, money and other simple values. But if you want to change some of your stats, like Defense or Magic Item Find percent, or if you want to freeze you health & mana points, you should use advanced CE techniques. Check out the Tutorial minigame in Cheat Engine help menu, and don't forget to use comment form below to ask and answer questions about Cheat Engine and Diablo II.

Item duplication & editing You can clone your items just by making copy of your Shared Stash file in the Diablo II save folder. But much better way is by using special program for this. The program called UdieMXL and it allow you to duplicate and edit your items, and even change some of your character stats. At first, let's install UdieMXL — and unpack it to your Diablo II folder. You can change some bits by yourself, save the character, and hope that game will not crash when loading you character, but I will give you some tips: last bits, 111111111, — is Terminator, used to tell where is item end. Close to the Terminator you can usually find all item Properties in this format: «00» bits + ~8-10 bits Parameter ID + ~8-10 bits (quantity depends of ID, and maybe there other «00» bits in between) Property value in reverse order. I could be wrong because I don't remember everything, but I sure that you will understand a bits logic after some experiments. Please, remember to backup your characters and items. So, let's say that we want to increase 7% Life Stolen Per Hit Property.

Decimal 7 is binary 00000111, reversed is 11100000, and after quick searching we can say where is this part of code (as you can see, I selected 10 bits instead of 8, because size of this value is 10 bits). You can also change type of this Propety by editing some bits before and, by the way, change any other part of item (not sure for Required Level, so don't forget to reveal all truth in comments below). Another tip that you must to know is Properties order: there is no relationship between in-game and in-bits order, remember that when you change Property types. For more information about item editing ask your questions, share your bits lists and try to help novice cheaters.;) Maphack and maximum Light Radius If you already completed Diablo II for one, two, or maybe more times, some things in game can be for you. A little boring. Median XL nearly solve this problem, but with mMap maphack it solved completely. MMap reveals act's map when you enter to game with your character. Also, it can show monsters and spell's missles on your map and, this is my favourite, disable weather and dark areas in game.

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