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Privacy and security is a hot topic these days and users have to be very aware about the dangers of being too open with their personal files and private information like passwords and logins. This is especially so if you use one of those fantastic little inventions, the. Because of their portability and huge capacities, you can store lots of data and information on one and easily mix ordinary files with files that should not be open to anybody else who accesses to the drive. A few do, but many USB flash drives don’t come with or security at all and because a USB drive can easily be lost or stolen, your data could end up in the wrong hands. There’s a few things you can do to make your flash drive data more secure, one is encrypting the data itself and then you can also hide the encrypted data so nobody else even knows it’s there. Here we show you 5 tools that can encrypt your files and also offer a bit of added protection by hiding the files on the flash drive.

Windows Bitlocker The version for encrypting USB flash drives is called Bitlocker to Go but sadly Bitlocker is not available in all releases of Windows. Only Windows Vista and 7 Ultimate/Enterprise, 8/8.1 Pro/Enterprise and Server 2008/2012 can create Bitlocked USB flash drives. You don’t need one of those versions to read an encrypted drive though and even XP can read it with the aid of a. Bitlocker encrypts all the data on the drive using AES and asks for a password as soon as you plug in the drive or try to access it in Explorer, you cannot access or view the contents on the drive at all without the password. If you have a Bitlocker enabled Windows all you need to do is right click on the USB drive in Explorer and select “Turn on bitlocker”. Choose to use a password and select how you want to save the recovery key (password).

Oct 26, 2011  DiskCryptor may take a few hours to encrypt the drive, depending on the drive's size. You can continue to use your computer, but if you need to restart or shut down, be sure to click Pause first.

After that simply start the encryption process. Because the whole drive is encrypted it could take a while if you have a large and/or slow flash drive. When you insert the drive into a PC capable of reading it, you will be asked for a password before gaining any access to the drive. Bitlocker can be managed from the right click context menu and also the ‘Bitlocker Drive Encryption’ Control Panel applet.

DiskCryptor DiskCryptor is often referred to as an open source alternative to Bitlocker if you don’t have a Bitlocker capable Windows, and with compatibility from Windows 2000 up to Windows 8.1/Server 2012, it’s certainly more compatible than Bitlocker. There’s several levels of encryption available including AES, Twofish, Serpent and mixed combinations of the three, and it can also encrypt optical media such as CD and DVD. DiskCryptor encrypts the whole USB drive so it could take a while to process. After install (a reboot is required), run the program, select the drive and click the Encrypt button (or use the right click menu). Znak petlya mebiusa vektor tv.

Choose the encryption method and supply the password, a rating system will give guidance on how secure your chosen password is. A progress meter will let you know how long the process will likely take. When you want to access the contents of the drive select it from the drive list in the interface and click on Mount, you’ll then be asked the password to unlock it.

There is no GUI or password prompt when you try to use the encrypted USB drive on a computer without Diskcryptor installed, it’ll simply ask to be formatted because there is no recognized filesystem. Rohos Mini Drive Rohos encrypts USB drives with AES-256 in two different ways, creating an encrypted container file on the flash drive or creating a hidden partition where your encrypted files are stored. This second method does have a few advantages such as nobody can see or delete your files in Explorer unless you enter the password although it does require admin rights (a container file doesn’t) and can’t be created or accessed from the main Rohos Mini GUI.