Dojnikov Sinicin Zubotehnicheskoe Materialovedenie

Our library holds a broad range of information resources relating to agriculture, conservation, land management, energy and resources. Library resources include: A comprehensive collection of publications produced by us, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, and their former agencies Extensive scientific journal and book collections Collections of maps, photographs, videos and CD-ROMs Unpublished reports. Access to the library is strictly by appointment only.

Visitors are able to view items from the collection and to photocopy material for research or private study. A charge applies for photocopying.

New Age and culture “Basically, the appeal of the New Age has to do with the culturally stimulated interest in the self, its value, capacities and problems. Whereas traditionalised religiosity, with its hierarchical organization, is well-suited for the community, detraditionalized spirituality is.

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Loans are only available on a library-to-library basis. Inter-library loans can be arranged through your public, institutional or work library.

PhotoService-material available: journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, departmental reports PhotoService- limitations: Australian copyright fair dealing provisions PhotoService-Aglinet rates: no charge PhotoService- non AGLINET rates: $AUD16.50 per item for core (standard) delivery, $AUD33.00 per item for rush (urgent) delivery. Material available: Journal articles, annual and Technical reports, theses & dissertations, Conference proceedings, staff publications, AfricaRice publications in videocassettes, posters and CD ROM databases.

These materials are available in print and electronic forms. Internet use: Users who visit our Library may be allowed access to internet for research purposes. Photocopy of: Books, articles, annual reports, journal articles.

Dojnikov Sinicin Zubotehnicheskoe Materialovedenie

Publications: Annual reports, studies & project reports, workshops and other agricultural related activities. All books and monographs, conference proceedings and articles published by AfricaRice or by staff members are available to AGLINET Centers.