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On January 24, 2018 GP GROUP JSC started construction and repair works on the site of “Vasil Levski” PHSA in the city of Parvomay. The repair of the high school is part of the project “Assignment of activities in engineering, design, construction and implementation of author’s supervision in the implementation of project: “Improving the quality of the educational environment and providing modern conditions through renovation of the facilities of PHSA “Vasil Levski “, Parvomay. Within the framework of the repair, the following activities are planned: major renovation of the interior of the building, measures for increasing the energy efficiency of the building (replacement of the joinery, implementation of an integrated thermal insulation system on the facades of the building), replacement of the electrical installation, renovation of the courtyard lighting, construction of a fire alarm system, replacement of lighting fixtures for normalized lighting, etc. The project is financed by the Operational program “Regions for growth” 2014-2020, co-funded by the European union through the European regional development fund. The guests of the event were the mayor of Parvomay municipality and chairman of the school board Angel Papazov, deputy mayors, representatives of the contractor “Profgroup PHSA 2017″, where GP GROUP JSC is a leading partner and others.

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