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> > Free Snow Overlay for Photoshop Free Snow Overlay for Photoshop Winter puts forward special requirements for photographers and photo equipment. This season is the most tremulous and romantic for photo sessions, but the weather challenges even experienced professionals. Low temperatures, wind gusts, snowfalls. Photographing on white snow is by far not the easiest task, as it is similar to shooting on a huge white background or reflector.

And how to capture snow right? How what should you do when there is no snow outside?

We recommend download our free snow overlays for Photoshop that you can drug to your raw photos and add real snowflakes naturally and fast. If you do not have the opportunity to make a beautiful photo using natural snow, then Photoshop always comes to help. FixThePhoto created a collection of 10 free snow overlays for Photoshop that will add realistic snowflakes to your winter portfolio. From time to time the process of shooting in winter can be difficult to avoid falling snowflakes on the lens or the people’s faces. They quickly melt and form drops of moisture. It is also very important to choose the right settings and select a proper background. However, despite many requirements, you can always choose the easy way – add the perfect snowfall with our free snow overlays for Photoshop.

Even if you do not have enough time to edit or have not much experience to design snow on your photos, just use our snow overlays, which will add a truly winter fairy tale on your photos. Our free Photoshop snow overlay set includes many snow overlays, including 'Heavy Snow', 'Small Snowflakes ', 'Snowstorm', which strongly increases the variability of your winter images. Our tools help customize your photos with any snow style, even using multiple overlays at the same time, which will give your photos a unique look. If you are new to using JPEG overlays, just place the free Photoshop snow overlay on the top of your photo and set the blending mode to 'Screen' and everything is ready - it's so quick and easy. Free Snow Overlay Photoshop Features: • 10 overlays • JPG format.

• Compatibility with Adobe CC and Photoshop 4-6 • 2 minutes download • Works on Mac and PC • Suitable for Raw and JPEG file formats. Looking for realistic snow overlays to add a magical touch to your winter photos and designs? MasterBundles has already become something like a digital home for designers, web-developers, and marketers. Here you can find everything you need to achieve dozens of goals. Icons, textures, WordPress themes, fonts, vector illustrations, and many other useful design essentials are already waiting for you. Download these 10 free snow overlays to make winter photos pop in several clicks.