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Sailor Moon Watching Guide Old Series: Original 90's Anime The old 'original' series was first introduced in the 90's in Japan and it quickly became popular. Due to the popularity a company took on the project to dub the anime (later took over by Cloverway).

Prabhu deva urvashi mp3 free download. This is the dub that most fan grew up with, it was heavily edited due to content restriction back in the 90's. In 2014 Viz Media attained licenses to dub and sell all 5 Sailor Moon seasons (first time Sailor Moon Stars would be dubbed). There dub uses original names nothing is cut out. Season 1: Sailor Moon (sometimes Sailor Moon Classic): (ep. 1-46) Season 2: Sailor Moon R (ep. 47-89) Season 3: Sailor Moon S: (ep 90-127) Season 4: Sailor Moon SuperS: (ep.

128-166) Season 5: Sailor Stars: (ep. 167-200) New Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is a fresh reboot of the classic series, and not a continuation of the old 90s anime. Naoko Takeuchi (original manga creator) is heavily involved in the new production so the story & characters follow closely to the manga. It first premiered on 5th July 2014 and it is still being ongoing (on hiatus). This Anime will be dubbed in English by Viz Media using the same voice actors as the Viz Media's dub of the original Sailor Moon Anime. Season 1: Sailor Moon Classic Season 2: Black Moon Arc Season 3: Infinity Arc.