Dozimetr Radiometr Mks 01r Instrukciya Po Ekspluatacii

• New big display with luminescent backlight. • Simultaneous indication of units of measurement, threshold level and real time on the display. • Analog ten-segment indicator of registered radiation intensity. • Possibility to perform measurements with a preset error.

MKS-05 Terra-P radiation detection measurement instrument is the most popular household dosimeter in Ukraine and throughout the world. It is designed on the basis of the professional device MKS-05 TERRA, which is in operational service with the Ukrainian Army. Terra MKS 05 (Ecotest) - English version! Kirgizcha kaaloo tilekter tuulgan kungo. Dosimeter / Radiometer / Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector Description A world famous product of “ECOTEST” trademark, exported to over 70 countries. This is a professional device for official measurements, which was successfully used during peacekeeping missions in the Middle East.

• Audible, vibration and vibration-audible alarm • Four-level indication of battery discharge. • Built-in memory which allows storing up to 1200 measurements. • Mode of PC link via Bluetooth channel.

For many years, ECOTEST TM products have been successfully used at the state borders of different countries to ensure comprehensive radiation monitoring. We provide highly reliable equipment for detection and identification of radioactive and nuclear materials in order to prevent their illicit transfer. Our portable solutions are used to search and localize sources of gamma, beta, alpha and neutron radiation. Since 2002, according to the international technical assistance programs ECOTEST TM devices have been supplied to the Border Guard Services of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. For many years ECOTEST TM devices have been in operational service with the Ukrainian Army and delivered to power-wielding structures of other countries worldwide. The separate military Ukrainian 19th Battalion of NBC-defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which served a peacekeeping mission in the Arabian Gulf, was equipped with our devices.

Military ecologists use our devices to examine military firing ranges and other facilities within the international program of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test -Ban Treaty. Ministry of Internal Affairs criminalists have adopted ECOTEST TM instruments for personal radiation safety, as well as for obvious and hidden search for radioactive sources and their further identification. Security service staff uses our devices in their work to search for and identify radioactive materials, radiation surveillance and personal protection. ECOTEST TM products allow security services to comprehensively approach to solving the problems related to radiation safety, and ensure their effective implementation. Through the cooperation with the world-known “Bruker Corporation” we offer advanced equipment for detection of chemical, biological, radioactive and explosive materials. Cutting-edge technologies, particularly robust design of the devices and modular construction provide flexible and wide use of their products in the military and civil sectors.

Our company received its first state order from the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine more than 15 years ago. Since then and until now fruitful and effective cooperation has been developing between us. Radiation measurement instruments of ECOTEST TM are included in the equipment list of the Ukrainian MES units and are successfully used by the units of civil defense and fire-fighting and rescuing troops. Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan also chose our instruments for radiation surveillance, monitoring and personal safety. Programator atmel at89c2051. Metals are not just recyclable, they are infinitely recyclable what makes them some of the most re-used materials in the world. Thus, there is always a risk of radioactive contamination during the melting process. Therefore, iron and steel plants and organizations that deal with scrap metals storage and recycling opt for ECOTEST TM products in order to control radiation safety in their work.