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Xp22.11 Start 22,999,961 End 23,003,589 Molecular function • • • • • • • Cellular component • • • Biological process • Sources: / Species Human Mouse n/a n/a n/a RefSeq (mRNA) n/a RefSeq (protein) n/a Location (UCSC) n/a search n/a DEAD-box helicase 53 is a that in humans is encoded by the DDX53. Function [ ] This intronless gene encodes a protein which contains several domains found in members of the DEAD-box helicase protein family.

Other members of this protein family participate in ATP-dependent RNA unwinding. References [ ].

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USS Mahan underway in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in September 2002. History United States Name: USS Mahan Namesake: Ordered: 8 April 1992 Builder:,, Laid down: 17 August 1995 Launched: 29 June 1996 Acquired: 22 August 1997 Commissioned: 14 February 1998 Identification: DDG-72 Motto: Built to Fight Status: in active service Badge: General characteristics Class and type: Displacement: • Light: approx. 6,805 tons • Full: approx. Contents • • • • • • • • • History [ ] The of Mahan was laid on 17 August 1995. Her mast was stepped on 6 February 1996, and she was and christened later that year on 29 June. The ship's sponsor is Mrs.

Jennie Lou Arthur, wife of Admiral. Her was lit off on 19 December. 1997 was a busy year for Mahan. Alpha/Bravo trials occurred on 21 July, Charlie trials on 5 August, and Delta trials on 12 August. The ship was officially transferred to the Navy on 22 August, and her Crew moved aboard on 17 October. The ship’s first underway was 16–17 January 1998 from, to, for a three-day port visit.

The weather was particularly heavy, and many of the crew members who had not put to sea before felt the effects of seasickness. Underway from Portland on 21 January, the ship pulled into her new homeport of, on 24 January. Mahan stayed in Norfolk until departing for her commissioning ceremony. Mahan was commissioned at 1100 on 14 February 1998 at by the, Vice Admiral Henry C. Griffin, III, USN with Commander Michael L.

James, USN, commanding. Distinguished guests included Mr. Allen Cameron, President of Bath Iron Works, the Hon., Congressman from Florida’s 12th District, and the Hon., Congressman from Washington’s 5th District. Mahan stayed in Tampa until 17 February, returning to Norfolk on 21 February. Mahan briefly left at the end of the month to conduct Combat Direction Finding System testing at sea.

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The next few months saw events including Command Assessment of Readiness and Training (CART), ammunition onload at Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, Tailored Ship’s Training Availability (TSTA), Industrial Hygiene Survey, Combat Systems Ship’s Qualification Trial (CSSQT), evaluation at the (AUTEC), MISSILEX, Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS) qualification, VANDALEX, Final Conduct Trial, a post-Shipyard Availability Conference, and a recruiting video shoot, all before the end of July. In August, Mahan hosted the change of command ceremony for Commander. Mahan was placed in drydock in Portland, Maine on 1 September as part of the post-Shipyard Availability (PSA). Mahan departed Portland on 16 November, and during the transit back to Norfolk, conducted her first underway replenishment, with. The ship was underway twice for Helicopter Deck Landing Qualifications (DLQs) before the end of the year. Mahan departed Norfolk, Virginia, on 19 February 2000, on her maiden deployment to the as part of the Battle Group. Obrazec protokola zasedaniya komissii po vbi. She returned home on 18 August later that year.