Eyewash Station Inspection Template

BENEFITS Workers’ eyes are vulnerable to various hazards on the job, such as dust, pieces of material shooting out of equipment and splashes of hazardous substances. Although you should take steps to protect workers from getting anything in their eyes, something could still happen. Torrent lia model pictures. In that event, it’s critical the worker acts quickly and flushes out his eyes. That’s why you should have emergency eyewash stations and conduct regular inspections to ensure that they’ll work properly when needed. HOW TO USE THE TOOL Adapt this checklist, which is modeled on one from Concordia University, for the requirements in your jurisdiction on eyewash stations and the instructions from the station’s manufacturer. Ensure that a competent person uses the checklist to conduct regular, such as weekly, inspections of your eyewash stations.

Correct any issues or problems identified during the inspection. OTHER RESOURCES.

Emergency Eyewashes & Showers: Testing and Maintenance. Quick Tips #129. To ensure that eyewash stations and showers are always ready when needed, it is important that the requirements for test procedures and maintenance set forth in Z358.1-2014 be followed. Please print and use the attached checklist that includes the reminders below. Flush eyewash stations(s) weekly and check for the following.