Far Cry 4 Sohraneniya Posle Prologa

Look around the rooms to collect some money and items which you can sell later on. Begin your exploration with reading a note which you can find on the same floor on which you will start to play. You also should loot the nearby chest to collect some money and items which you can sell later on.

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Do the same on the lower level of the building. You will find there another three notes and just as many chests. Now you can go on the lowest level. You will enter a door which will open a room where you will see your recent companion being tortured. You can't do anything to help him right now. Head to the exit.

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Escape the Compound. After the crash flee toward left right away. Keep crouching. After the crash keep being hidden since you don't have a weapon beside a khukri. Four enemies are going in your direction so if you will walk on an open field you will probably die fairly quickly. The better way is to crouch and try to bypass your opponents on the left side. The game will also teach you how to throw a rock to distract them.

Few steps further and you will have to pass the brook where you will find yet another enemy. Throw a rock to distract him what will allow you to either walk behind him or, what is a much better way, walk to him and use the takedown. If you will do that you may take from his body the 'Kalash', however you have to use it reasonably since at the moment you have not a lot of ammo. Now you may try to swim (or rather dive) in a water and then eliminate next two opponents from behind. Killing them from o short distance will allow you to save some bullets.

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Using your camera will let you plan your next move a lot easier. You will get to a small camp in which you will see few enemies.

You can use your camera to mark them what in effect will highlight them with a red mark above their heads. The contours of the tagged enemies are also visible through the walls. The fastest way to eliminate this group is to make a turmoil.


Shoot your enemies from a large distance (try to hit the leopard) what will lead to releasing the wild animal from its cage. This way will allow the cat to do most of the killing for you. Shoot only these enemies who will run specifically in your direction. It will let you save your ammo. Fortunately your resources will radically change once you clear the camp and then loot it. You will find here a lot of machine gun bullets, especially on a chest next to the building up from the right side. Use the thrown rope to finally get to the bell tower.

When you will finish collecting new items go directly towards the bell tower. On your way you are not going to be disturbed by any enemy however watch out for precipices. Take a good run, use the sprint and jump when you are very close to the edge. At the end of the road use the hanging rope and follow the path to get right to the bell tower, where you will find Sabal.

Take the ammunition quickly and go to the second floor where you will find a good position to defend before the incoming attack. Defend the Bell Tower.