Flatron L177wsb Driver Windows 7

Vetkodrobilka svoimi rukami. Found this touchscreen monitor on the archive, its old but feature a touch gesture feature, the problem is that LG is no longer supporting this FLATRON L1730SF PC/Mac monitor and no more Windows 7 or Windows 8 driver available. If you are using a old OS like Winodws Vista or older just download the official zip driver form LG support, and if you are using Windows 7/8 OS you'll have to use a 3rd party software with an included new working driver for these new operating systems.

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Hardware ID fro this device: USB VID_0403&PID_F9E9&REV_0100. Steps to install the LG FLATRON L1730SF TouchScreen driver on Windows 7/8: • First thing note that this software is not from LG side, its from 'touch-base' and free for 100 taps. • Go to, put your name, email, and select 'ITM Touch, LG, USB' on the 'Touchscreen controller' drop menu then chose your OS Windows 7/8. • Now wait until the driver generate on the server side, when it's finished the download link will be sent to your email. • Download it then install 32 or 64bit setup, at first run the touch-monitor need to calibrate, so go to start menu->All program->UPDD->Calibrate.

• That's it your done! If you still have problem please leave a comment.

Here is a step by step manual guide for LG L177WSB software installation process on Windows Vista / XP. 1 Download L177WSB.zip file for Windows Vista / XP,.