Foobar2000 Dark One

Feb 17, 2011 - But even that's not guaranteed if the application (like Foobar) doesn't do. If Tedgo's original Darkone layout works the same, then this will too.

Foobar is an officially worthless program in my opinion, right now. It lacks any sort of documentation, and its FAQ is a fucking joke. It doesn't answer FAQs about the program, just which version to get.

There is no fucking user guide. I'm sure the information is buried somewhere at hydrogenaudio, but it sure as fuck isn't in their wiki. So where is it? Balls if I know. Google's completely useless. Most of the information available is along the lines of 'what can foobar do?' Rather than 'how to make foobar do this.'

I used foobar back about a year and a half ago. It's come a long way since then. Unfortunately, it's even more impenetrable than ever. What I want: • I want to use the foobar iPod component. • I want to make it look something like • I want my playcounts kept track of. This is the only reason I used iTunes in the first place. • I want the fucking database to work, but no matter what I do, it remains grayed out.

(Actually, I just reinstalled, and magically, it's not grayed out anymore. WTF is that shit?) I don't know how to do any of the above. And there's nothing out there that's not buried in forum posts somewhere that tells me how to do it either. Where is there not a noob guide to foobar? Is it the community's intention to make this program as hard to use as possible? Do they want to keep it exclusive? Foobar is popular with geeks because it is simple and flexible, not because it is easy to use.

'out of the box', it offers very little over any other media player. I don't have an answer for any of your questions, but I get a little annoyed with people who install it and then complain that because it's not (to them) easy to use, it's worthless. That's like installing slackware and saying 'this sucks because it doesn't have a Start button'. In both cases, the attraction (to many) lies in the fact that the main program is just that, a program, with zero extras. You don't get many things you do want, but you don't get anything you don't want, which is more important to some people. The software becomes powerful through your ability to customize and tweak it to your liking.

Don't know what to say to you. Quote: Foobar2000 is an advanced audio player for the Windows platform. Some of the basic features include ReplayGain support, low memory footprint and native support for several popular audio formats. Download version 0.8.3 Quick download links are listed below, more information about differences between installer versions on the Download page. * Normal - Normal installer * Special - Special installer * Lite - Lite installer * SDK - Software Development Kit Note:foo_flac component in 0.8.3 installer downloaded before 2004-09-05 can damage FLAC files when updating tags in certain situations. If you have files in that format download the fixed version. I'd like to see these questions answered too.

I've been using foobar for the last year or so and my install is the same as it was then. I mainly listen to albums through the add directory playlist, but if I could get an understandable guide, I might go further with it. Edit: quote: Originally posted by waitex: I dunno. I didn't really like foobar 2000 as they only really gave you the clinically white drab screens as a default. They never offered you to download a modified interface as an example. The main thing i can't stand about the program is how it treats the 'random' function.

If you press next it goes to the next song on the list instead of jumping around. You have to wait for the whole song to end before it randomly jumps. You don't have a random button inbetween the next and the open buttons? I agree with some respect. I was able to find some information.

Rpg maker vx ace free download Here is an alternate UI that somewhat resembles the style you linked to. I dont know if this is exactly what you are looking for.

I used foobar in the past but switched to iTunes when i got an iPod. I tried google with 'foobar ui' and it turned up some results.


This seemed like the best one i could find. Here is a HydrogenAudio forum link that discusses footunes. As for integration with the iPod. From what i gather the best plugin is called Foo_pod. Once again here is a HydrogenAudio forum link. Quote: Originally posted by hanser: I even found a theme I like (Azrael) with the b0se classic blue.

And I can't even get that to work. Foobar 2000->Preferences->Display.

Make sure that Columns UI is selected as your user interface module. Once that's taken care of, switch to Columns UI under Display. Go all the way to the Other tab and click import. Point it to your azrael.fcs and hopefully that'll work for you. To change the color to b0se classic blue, change to the Globals tab and then the variables tab. Find $puts(color_scheme,num) part and then change num to 1 for b0se classic blue.