Fotobutaforiya Shabloni Dlya Dnya Rozhdeniya

Today is your special day, So dance the night away. Party hard till you can no longer feel Your feet on top of those party heels. Today is your special day So party the night away Drink up till you can no longer stand And rock the night just like you planned. Today is your special day So drink your night away Sing till you can no longer speak And your body begins to feel weak Today is your special day Lets go crazy with a trip to USA Visit Vegas and rock the town Making sure everybody knows that we're around. Today is your special day So I hope everything goes your way You're one of my closest friend And I'm with you until the very end.

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Today is your special day And there are a few things I want to say You're crazy, you're stupid, you're psycho But you know how to have fun, despite being slow. You're confusing as hell and never Do you make any sense, however That's why you're the special person you are And in this life i hope you will go far. Today is your special day There's just one last thing that I need to say Happy, happy birthday my darling child Don't forget tonight is the night to go wild!

I LOVE YOU G! Sometimes, as a parent, We can get so caught up in parenting That we forget to say, 'How special you are to me And how much I love you.' So, today on your birthday I want to tell you All you mean to me. When you were born, I was so happy and proud of you. There you were, so helpless And yet so lovable. As the years went by No matter how many times I've said I love you It is never often enough And doesn't even begin to say All of what you mean to me.

Sweetheart, I always only want the best for you. So, honey, Whenever and whatever is your need You can count on and depend on me To be there no matter what. In the meantime, Happy birthday, my precious one. Turnigy trackstar 120a esc. Let's celebrate you. Happy birthday Theres so many way to express it I want you to have the wonderful birthday And by the way everything will be okay I know you have suffer in your birthday But don't worry I will always make you happy because you know I have so many ways I will make sure you will be happy And I will make you a cake instead of putting your name I will put 'FLUFFY' I just want to know that you have the best day I want to make sure you have something to say I will always cheer you up So don't be unset and move on I just on thing to say Happy birthday Luis and have a nice day.

Fotobutaforiya shabloni dlya dnya rozhdeniya na

Synopsis Blending dramatic situations with a documentary -influenced visual style, S Dnyom rozhdenya / Happy Birthday looks in at a typical day in a Russian maternity hospital. The patients range from a middle aged woman pleased if surprised by her current pregnancy to a Muslim woman whose marriage to a Russian has blighted her relationship with her family. No matter what their situations, the women draw strength and support from each other as they share their common experience. This film was shown at the 1999.