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The AMA offers information on how IMGs can enter a U.S. Residency program, and a list of IMG observership programs that can help with adapting to practicing medicine in the U.S. When it comes to IMGs matching into PGY-1 programs, not all medical specialties are created equal.

“Thank you so much MyResidencyList! I didn’t know the first place to start applying to with a thousand potential programs. With a couple of clicks I saved weeks of time, yielded more than anticipated number of interviews, and eventually matched!” – Dr Zohaib Javed “I am a 8 year old IMG and did not match last year as a result of randomly applying to programs. This year I came across MyResidencyList and used their custom list to target programs open to older IMGs.

I ended up matching! Thanks MyResidencyList!” – Dr Priyanka Patel “When calls to programs were not returned, program coordinators responded with generic replies, scattered information online did not help in creating my program list.

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I downloaded my IMG friendly residency programs list from MyResidencyList and I would highly recommend them” – Dr Jon Kirby. Save Time Researching With MyResidentList you no longer have to spend weeks compiling information by scouring old forum posts, manually visiting outdated programs websites, phoning & emailing unresponsive program coordinators. That time can be better spent strengthening your ERAS application 2.


Save Money on Application Fees Applications fees can run into the thousands of dollars. MyResidencyList will filter out programs which don’t match your profile so you don’t waste money on them 3. Target The Right Programs MyResidencyList will filter through the thousands of programs based on your unique profile: taking into account the type of IMG you are, USMLE Scores, Visa Status, US Clinical Experience, Years since graduation. Why do I need this service? We are a group of successful IMG applicants that matched to our dream programs in past Residency Matches.

We individually had spent several weeks manually compiling data to make an informed decision on which programs to apply to. After having gone through the tedious and lengthy process of creating our residency program application lists, we wanted to make the process easier for others. Why is the distinction between Non-Caribbean and Caribbean IMG friendly residency programs important? Programs often favor one type of IMG over the other, so clumping the two together and reporting it as a single metric does not help you make an informed decision on whether to apply to a particular program or not. Check on how important the distinction is.

What information will my custom Residency Application List contain? Our list will show all the Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics residency programs that your profile matches. Each will contain • Program ID/Name • Location • Contact Email/Phone/Website • Visa types accepted/sponsored • Whether program is Caribbean IMG friendly • Whether program is Non-Caribbean IMG friendly, • Maximum years since graduation • If US clinical experience is required. How upto date is your data? Our team uses several sources such as calling the programs, program websites, database of programs where applicants received interview invites in recent matches, database of residency match results from prior years, and more.