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Steve from that Ultimate Traffic Live has been “Soft Released”. Soft Release? The team have been beta testing the product for a while now and are feeling confident that the product is ready for a much “broader” use. Looks like we’ll be playing the role of “tester” again, but with the privilege need to pay. So similar to what other developers have been doing lately and offering the product early for people to test across a magnitude of platforms so they can iron out issues before a full release.

Yeah, I’m not really sure either. As this is a “soft release,” there’s no manual or quick start guide, but they should be available soon. The team also warn that once the full product is out, there may be some changes that affect liveries as well as some functionality.

We recently posted some eens of the product, but Flight One Software didn’t really leave much in the way of features or what to expect, so anyone partaking in the “soft launch” gets to find out for themselves. If you’re willing to pay for the chance to be a beta tester, then you can for the same price as the current Ultimate Traffic 2 ($44.95).

Product Features 5. Real- Time Scheduled Flights - Ultimate Traffic 2 will provide users over 5. Ultimate Traffic 2 - 2013 Edition (FSX). Airline flight exportable to FSX! Ultimate Traffic 2 is. 2 provides Microsoft Flight Simulator X users the. Fsx Flight1 Ultimate Traffic 2 DVD Edition from Torrentreactor Games database.

Or if you already own UT2, you can get around 33% off by using the following coupons: If you originally purchased the Download version, for the download version coupon. If you originally purchased the DVD version, for the DVD version coupon. To download the UTLive program, here here: As I write this, Jordan say a “firm release” will be much more exciting than something “soft”. We’ll let you be the judge.

There were some instructions from the team that are important to read, so I’ve left them below: IMPORTANT: Ultimate Traffic 2 cannot be run at the same time as UTLive. You need to make sure UT2 is disabled. The easiest way to do this is to locate the EXE.XML file for the sim you are using. For Prepar3D, that would be in the following location: C: Users YOUR_USER_NAME AppData Roaming Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3 (or v2) For FSX it will be in: C: Users YOUR_USER_NAME AppData Roaming Microsoft FSX To make it easier, you can download the XMLFolder tool which can find and open the folder for you. Download this tool at Once you open the EXE.XML file in a text editor, such as Notepad.

Right-click the file and select “Open With”. There, you will see this section. You need to set Disabled to True: True False UT2 C: FSX Flight One Software Ultimate Traffic 2 UT2Services.exe True The price of UTLive is the same as UT2 ($44.95).

Make sure you report any issues only in the forum.

Flying-W Simulation is delighted to announce the availability of Super Traffic Board V2.30 (STB), the leading add-on for displaying and interacting with your AI flights. Developed in association with Flight1 Software, V2.30 delivers full support for Ultimate Traffic 2 (UT2) AI flight schedules. Pro 100 torrent download. For the first time see departure times, arrival times, and destination airports listed for all UT2 flights as they occur inside Flight Simulator.