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We are preparing your download. Please scroll down to get your download link! This game is unavailable (?) Get monthly updates and win prizes. Subscribe to. Yakyuken Special Psx Iso Download; DOWNLOAD YAKYUKEN ISO PSX >>> DOWNLOAD NOW special network. Of death was absolutely necessary to tell to it. Download yakyuken iso psx. Yakyuken Special Online. A game notorious among those who know it for being hard to beat, The Yakyuken Special features many girls to challenge to yakyuken matches.

Contents • • • • • • • • • Gameplay Despite what the name says, it is not a baseball game — it is a rather simplistic pornographic game where the goal is to get some young, dancing women to strip for you by beating them at rock paper scissors. Chooses rock, chooses scissors and chooses paper. Every time you win, the woman takes off a piece of clothing. If you lose 5 times, you will star over.

+ will make skip the Jankepo videos. History It is originally a 1994 pornographic 3DO game made by called The Yakyuu Ken Special: Konya wa 8-kaisen (THE野球拳スペシャル ~今夜は8回戦~). The same company made a adaptation in 1995, this version features 4 exclusive women. Both versions were released exclusively in Japan. It doesn't have a; a small warning saying the game is only for adults is placed at the top right corner of the front cover (Sega of Japan's gives it an X). Legacy An unofficial port of this version was made for the, but with reduced difficulty. Magazine articles Main article:.

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The museum was given a proto of Yakyuken Special spanning two discs a number of years ago. We had spent some time trying to locate an official version of this game in Japan. Tri devici i carj tekst scenki lyrics.

Then it dawned on us that it may have been a homebrewn version with video taken from the Sega Saturn version. The game is a strip Rock-Paper-Scissors game that you play against some Japanese models.

The models will dance for you and call out rock, paper, or scissors. If you win then they will take off an article of clothing. And then dance in their skimpies until everything is removed. I wouldn't say the game is X-rated but a strong R because these models will dance around with nothing on top and only panties on.

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The museum has tried to cut out any adult oriented material and make it pg-13 rated. This version seems to have better quality FMV compared to the Saturn. As always, visit PlayStationMuseum.Com for more information on this game as well as other prototype and rare PlayStation games and hardware!