Gem Ws1 Keyboard Workstation Manual

Oct 28, 2017  GEM WS1 Oriental Keyboard - 1991 Oriental Styles & Demo Programmed by Maurice Tawile. Gem Ws1 Workstation Arranger Keyboard Manual, Used Keyboards and Synthesizers For Sale in Drogheda, Louth, Ireland for 350.00 euros on

Excellent condition, comes with gig bag included. Very versatile instrument, super realistic sounds. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION • •v Large library of PCM samples and waveforms •v 128 User programmable voices, complete with multi-sampled FM Piano and Drumkit •v 97 GLOBAL PRESETS – user programmable •v 2 Digital Effects Processors – preset: 16 Reverberations, + 16 (Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Phaser) •v Dynamic 61 notes Keyboard (C2 – C7) •v 1 programmable SPLIT, LAYER/DUAL/SPLIT mode (for each GLOBAL), Dynamic Switch:3 Levels •v High level user interface for Real-Time performances, including Pitch Ball and programmable Function Pedals •v 64 ROM Styles: 32 Internal ORIENTAL, 32 Prog. Occidental, up to 32 User programmable Styles •v Arabkit: 5 Octaves, 3 of which include Arabic Percussion sounds •v Drumkit: 5 Drum sets, Rock – Dance – Jazz – Ethnic – Human •v PADS: 6 Drum pads •v Multi Track Sequencer with professional editing for: Real-Time Songs, Song Styles, Song Patterns. Shlyah da podzvigu petrarca i scepanidi znak byadi. •v Chain Compose function •v MIDI IN – MIDI OUT – MIDI THRU •v OUT (LEFT/RIGHT) •v IN(LEFT/RIGHT) •v Digital Pre-amplifier with Loudness Control •v Dimensions WS1 Oriental: (H x L x D) mm. Dp animation maker 301 serial key free.