Good Traffic Freeware For Fs2004 Project

FS2004 Sceneries: What's new? Click here to see what has been added to the list. Armi Project: SimMarket: Cairo Intl HECA - Sim Design Group: Sim Design Group: Hurghada X HEGN - Simbreeze. If you find a dead link or have a good link yourself, please drop me a mail. The models you paid for are crap. The good stuff is FREE! Other simmers here will attest to this. Quoting (): Don't be fooled by how good they look. Good Traffic Freeware For Fs2004 Plane. Free flight simulator x aircraft and addons for microsoft flight sim x 10 fsx and fs2002 fs2004 download. Good Traffic Freeware For Fs2004 Freeware Sceneries.

This instalment in Just Flight's hugely popular Traffic series takes AI (Artificial Intelligence) traffic a quantum leap beyond any other traffic program. As well as hordes of aircraft (over 1,200), buckets of airline liveries (over 500) and acres of modified airports (over 1,500) there are some fantastic new tools that put Traffic in a class of its own! Smith, the repaint maestro behind many of the liveries in this package, has put together three slideshows to display the liveries - click to view. Driver wow snooper. AISmooth - a unique new AI traffic approach management feature - has been designed to drastically reduce the number of go-arounds that are performed by AI planes at busy airports and really enhances the authenticity.

AISmooth instructs approaching planes to perform holding patterns if they are following the plane in front too closely. In addition, AISmooth will check the distance and headings of AI planes in the vicinity of your aircraft. If AI planes come too close, are heading in the same general direction and are within an altitude range that suggests you are both established on an approach path, then the AI planes will be instructed to perform holding patterns. Traffic includes helicopter traffic - a first for any commercial flight simulation traffic expansion when it was introduced in Traffic 2005. The package comes with a custom voicepack which provides additional pilot and ATC voices. The FS2004 default only includes American-accented voices - the voices included in Traffic are one US English, two British English and one English voice with a German accent. Detailed features AI traffic database - 280,000+ scheduled airline flights, including international, national, regional, commuter and cargo operators.

In addition to these airliner flights the traffic database includes general aviation flights. More than 500 airlines with more than 1,200 different aircraft. (Traffic 2004 had more than 80 airlines with more than 350 different aircraft.) 1500+ airports with airliner traffic plus additional 1500+ airports/airfields with GA traffic. Each airport in Flight Simulator can be added and scheduled by the user.


1,500 airports are especially modified with additional parking spaces; the busiest 50 worldwide include specific, allocated airline parking. All flights are using their correct aircraft/airline identifiers and tail numbers according to the country of origin, e.g.

A Cessna 152 flying in Germany will have a registration like D-EAEH, a Piper flying in the UK might be G-CLEA and so on. AI aircraft Airliners Custom-made, high-quality aircraft.