Gotika 3 Otvergnutie Bogi Prohozhdenie Igri

Gothic 3 Community Patch v1.4 I. Community Patch v1.4 ======================= - One can learn 'Make poison' bugfree. + One can learn 'Master thief'. (Soundless dialog) - Artifacts of Adanos cannot be sold. + Milten gives the teleporterstone for the Monastery. - Censoring of nude women removed.

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- The game can also be ended when Zuben is already long dead. - When Orknarok accompanies the hero, he will not be attacked by the Nomads and vice versa. - Orknarok leaves the party, once the requirements therefore are met. - One cannot get Shakyors Druidstone twice. + Mort leads one when needed for a second time to the Hammerclan, Fireclan or to the entrance of the mine. Tare gin gin yaad me teri mp3 download - Hogar does not kill the hero for the quest 'Duel with Hogar'.

+ The quest 'Delivery to Nordmar' unlocked. (Soundless dialog) - One can speak with Dargoth about the 'Fifth temple', once prerequired knowledge has been obtained. - Lisk gives only final comments about the liberation of the mine when he has taken part in it. - One can say to Xardas 'I have the five artifacts of Adanos' only when one has them. - Asaru is teacher for martial arts, when one assures him to help him.

+ Tyler says 'Where to now? To Trelis, or what?' , before one attacks Trelis together. - Effects of 'Black Rhobar' corrected. + Two comments from Dan and Goose unlocked. - Information for the quest 'Just a fallen.' Noted in the questlog.

- Some inconsistencies in the dialogdata resolved. - Sulfock gives experience 'Kill the threatening Snapper in front of the Sulphurmine'. - For the quest 'Sell the skin to Gnar for 500 gold pieces' one can give Wilson 500 gold. - The spiked cutchel has a goldvalue of 150, instead of 4500 gold. - One cannot interrupt Lee during his teleport by means of a dialog. - Iljas Vaze, Shadowscepter and Chalice of the Watertraders are ordened properly in the inventory. - For the quest 'Covert operations' one needs the amulet of Ilja.

- One cannot drink empty bottles and viles. - The Krush Irmak deals damage. - Kamak and the Orcs with the excavation form one party.

+ Dialog of Xardas unlocked. - Murak does not react like a slave after the liberation of Bakaresh. + Additional dialog options for Kan unlocked.

- One can follow certain dialogs still after the relevant NPCs are dead. - The quest 'Free Kliff from the Orcs on the farm' can always be ended. - One cannot say to Kliff 'You are free now', when he already knows it. - Georg is promoted to Paladin when giving the blessed Fire Chalice. - When one attacks Sugut or his camp with the Nomads, one will be treated as a normal assassin. Community Patch v1.3 ======================== - One can only say to Pyran 'Here are your potions', once one has enough mana potions.

- Josh says only 'I heard, Trelis has been liberated from the Orcs', once it is. - Kalesch says 'You won't steal my reputation' only once. - Karrypto says 'With sadness I have to state that.' On his own account. - When one says to Merdarion 'Merdarion, what are you doing here?'

, the dialog option 'Do we know eachother?' Will no longer appear. - One cannot ask Mortis 'Do you also fight in the arena?' , when one has fought him. The same error is also resolved for Tukash and Vigo. - The quest 'Become champion of the arena of Faring' cannot be restarted after a successful ending of it.