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Clouds of billowing black exhaust, mysterious sounds from underneath the hood, and readouts spinning purposelessly in circles can make a faulty car seem like a haunted house. Greddy e-Manage is a diagnostic tool and software suite that gives you a direct factory glimpse into the mechanics and performance of your car. You can adjust settings by interfacing directly with your car's onboard computers, and at the same time you can note any performance irregularities and either attempt to reset them or else mark them for later maintenance. A Greddy boost control lets you make sure that boost functions on high-performance vehicles do not cause undue strain on other parts of the car's system. A Greddy gauge is designed specifically to cooperate with the e-Manage suite, giving you the most accurate results possible when you take the time to sit down and diagnose your car. You can keep a close eye on what is happening internally with the vehicles you rely on. You can find Greddy e-Manage in the vast inventory of diagnostic software on eBay.

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