Grundig Serial Number Code Calculator

Jun 28, 2017  Grundig Serial Code Generator - enter your Radio serial number and it will generate you a lost or forgotten serial code. Grundig HEX Code Seeker - this code will seek our your radio code if you have a Radio dump The ultimate Grundig Radio Code Tools TAGS: Calculate, calculator, Generate, Generator, Serial, Unlock, Unlocking tools. Jun 19, 2012  We can provide you with car stereo audio factory original antitheft security codes from unit serial numbers for various models of GRUNDIG made.

Ok Guys First of All TEST. Not trade.Not Sell.Not the magic word 90% of you guys use FREE. Please just read Myself and a few of the elite experts of the radio decoding trade are currently working on a calculator for grundig radio's It is currently 10% complete and are now looking for serial numbers to test it with. Like i said it is far from complete and there is only a 10% change we will be able to calculate your serial. If your serial number starts with any of the following let's give this a go and please post feedback. Even if you know the original code of your radio, just post the serial to see if it has been calculated correctly. If 5-10 calculations are correct then we will continue the project.

If not, we start again from the beginning. Serial calculations available for GM1303R GM1303W SEZ1Z5V GM0200S GM0200X GR0971T GR0971W GR0947S GR0947T GR0947W FA1022S FA1022V FA0925R FA0925S FA0925T FA0925V FA0925W FA0985S FA0985V FA0985W AUZ2Z3T AUZ2Z3R AUZ2Z3S AUZ2Z3T AUZ2Z3V SEZ1Z6V SK1167W SK1167X VWZ2Z2R VWZ2Z2S VWZ2Z2T VWZ2Z2S GM0100S GM0100T GM0100V GM0303M GM0303N GM0303P GM0303R GM0303S GM0804B MC1200V MC1199V YS0896P GR1029W GR1029X Please don't post any other serial than the ones matching above The Letter at the end of these is not important. But if all other numbers match then give it a go. Like i said this is a test only.

Just post the serial and i will either reply with a number or a sorry not yet (which most of you may have at this stage) 5 correct numbers then we may have a result. Don't forget, radio must have the original number. No questions regarding this calc at all in here except for posting serial numbers.

Lets go for it!! For fun open with notepad ORIGINAL ATTACHMENT DELETED @ Couillemolle As far as I am concerened this file contais data that the author (origianl source) has not released as freeware. As a result your attachment has been removed. Do not do this again.:annoyed: If you can show that you have the author's (or original source) permission then I will of course restore it. Taking into account the above please continue to post anything else you think may be of benefit to the community. Iso You have made some good posts here and we would like to see it continue.

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Posted on Thursday, January 07, 2010 - 16:20 GMT9602 is definitely the correct code for the Serial number quoted. Here is a Checklist I use for code problems.

Read through it carefully to see if it finds a solution. 1.Wrong code due to a wrong Serial Number being quoted (misread perhaps?).so please check it again. Make sure that the Serial Number is the actual one on the radio casing and NOT the one quoted in the car paperwork / documents.they are quite often completely different! 2.Wrong code entry procedure.Make sure you are entering the code correctly and getting the correct display at each stage. (Let me know what is on the display at each stage) Any doubts then ask for the correct code entry instructions for your radio. 3.Your radio is semi-locked due to previous wrong codes being entered.The usual solution is to leave it SWITCHED ON.UNDISTURBED for as long as it takes to reset itself.(usually a couple of hours) If none of the above provides the correct answer, then it is possible that your radio has been recoded in the past to a completely different number.

Posted on Thursday, January 07, 2010 - 17:18 GMTI am not sure but there may be more than one method to enter the code as it will depend on how old the SC303 is. I think this should work Switch Radio On - Display Shows ' SAFE ' And Then Shows ' 10 - - - - ' Press preset ' 1 ' repeatedly for 1st Digit Press preset ' 2 ' repeatedly for 2nd Digit Press preset ' 3 ' repeatedly for 3rd Digit Press preset ' 4 ' repeatedly for 4th Digit If the correct code number is now shown Press & Hold Preset ' AS ' Until the Unit Beeps.