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Last year Rockstar Games of releasing a new mobile game, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped caring about their existing library on the App Store. Geek squad mri tool. Ever since nabbing an iPhone X when they released last November, I’ve been wanting all of my favorite games to be updated to take advantage of the beautiful full screen of the device, and that includes all of Rockstar’s offerings. Well it took almost six months but at least one of Rockstar’s mobile titles, and arguably their most popular one, has just been updated for the iPhone X.

That game is none other than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the largest and most robust of that original trilogy of open-world 3D crime games. Hey, if it had to be any of their games being updated for iPhone X, I’d choose San Andreas first. But that also begs the question “What about the others?'

My gut tells me that at the very least the other 3D GTA games will see iPhone X support at some point, which would include GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: Liberty City Stories, and perhaps even GTA: Chinatown Wars. Their two big non- GTA games Bully and Max Payne could very likely see similar updates too. Honda phantom ta200 repair manual While San Andreas may be the ultimate in their sandbox games from that Xbox/PS2 era, there’s certainly a bunch of fans devoted to the other GTA offerings that would love to play them properly formatted on the iPhone X. I’m one of them.

We’ll keep our eye out for any more of these updates to Rockstar’s catalogue, but for now if you’ve been jonesing for some full screen GTA fun on your iPhone X then head over to the App Store and grab this latest update to San Andreas.