Hardware Maintenance Diskette Version 176

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Aug 25, 2010  LENOVO ThinkPad Hardware Maintenance Diskette Version 1.76 anywere!!!! We are authorized Lenovo service center, replaced MB on Thinkpad W510, everything fine, but in order to put serial number into BIOS i have to have this thing. Feb 13, 2018 - Hardware Maintenance Diskette Version 1.76. Thinkpad Maintenance Disk v1.76 1.76: Full Text Matches. Hardware Maintenance Manual:.

Use the link to 'message the moderators' below to tell them. Tips: • When buying a used ThinkPad, remember to check that the BIOS is not locked with a supervisor's password and that Computrace is not enabled and activated.

• When buying a new ThinkPad, consider taking the IPS screen option if possible, as it doesn't cost much. Not only will it have better brightness, colour, contrast and viewing angles - you will most probably more than make up the investment when selling it. Corporate bulk purchasers don't usually go for it. () • The only tools you need for servicing a ThinkPad are a set of small screwdrivers and a nylon spudger (for taking the screen and keyboard bezels off), and possibly a pair of tweezers. A can of compressed air may be useful too, and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and cotton buds are good for cleaning, but not on the screen.

Never use nail polish remover (acetone). Useful links: (select ThinkPad tab) (including lots of wallpapers) (##ibmthinkpad on Freenode) Related Subreddits. So I've disassembled my Thinkpads to replace thermal paste but this is my first mobo replacement.

I think I have a handle on physically getting it in there, but keying-in the HDM stuff to get it to work right is worrying me. Reading about the software side of the replacement was not encouraging since most of what I found on the internet seems like it's from a time when the Lenovo HDM had to be on a real floppy disk. However, I found a source for HDM v1.90, installed it, and was able to use the included executable to create a bootable USB stick. I was then able to boot from the USB and bring up the HDM menu like you'll see near the middle of --which is super helpful but requires translation. These are the instructions I'm using to reset the mobo type/serial and generate a UUID.

I just want to make sure from somebody else who's done this before that these instructions look good, specifically formatting instructions outlined in #6 under the last section titled 'Set Serial Number and UUID' and the fact that the UUID is generated rather than keyed-in by me. Should I be doing anything else to get the new mobo to work properly?

Any other tips? For that X230, do as follows: Select Option 3) Delete S/N - for Device Type 20 Select Option 1) Add S/N - for Device Type 20 Enter the new stuff (use Capitals): 1STTTTMMMSSSSSSS where 1S is a must where TTTT = Type, e.g. 2325 (without dash) where MMM = Model, e.g.

Hardware maintenance diskette version 176 3

B14 where SSSSSSS = Serial Nr, e.g. R9Y2BF1 (without dash) Never seen an EEPROM OVERFLOW and I have done hundreds! For newer Thinkpads with longer MTM and S/N the same program can be used, but instead of Device Type 20 enter the option next to that 20, which the program will give you (can't remember at the moment).

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