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Running time 138 minutes Country India Language Budget ₹4 crore (US$560,000) Box office ₹12 crore (US$1.7 million) Honey Bee is a 2013 Indian film, written and directed by,son of actor-director. The film features,,,,, and in the lead roles. The story revolves around two friends Sebastian and Angel who suddenly discover their love for each other. They on the eve of the girl's marriage, much to the chagrin of her brothers.

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The film essays the lovers' struggle for survival. It was released on 6 June 2013 and was a commercial success at the box-office. Contents • • • • • • • Plot [ ] Sebastian (a.k.a. Seban) (), Abu (), Ambrose Perera (), Fernandez de Silva (a.k.a. Ferno) (), Angel () and Sara () are close friends in. Angel's brothers HC Michael (), Martin (), Father Collin (), and Antony (), nicknamed 'Punyalanmar', are dangerous businessmen.

Angel's family brings in a proposal for her from the city SI George. On the night before her marriage, a drunk Sebastian (Seban) breaks into Angel's house with his friends and proposes his love to her. He elopes with her that night with his friends' help. Ambrose, drunk and senseless writes a letter and leaves it in Angel's room to inform the Punyalanmar, that they helped Seban and Angel to elope. The next day Sebastian wakes up to see Angel with him. He is shocked to see her since he doesn't remember the previous night's events.

Punyalanmar go in search of them, and they are on the run. Punyalanmar destroys Sebastian's house and burns Ferno's house. Torrent final destination 2 in hindi. Seban and Angel decide to escape through the harbor.

Abu, Ambrose and Ferno planned to confront and surrender to buy Seban and Angel time to escape. Punyalanmar captures Abu but Ferno and Ambrose threaten to kill their wives. Ferno calls Seban (who is on a boat) and says they are going to sacrifice themselves, and Ferno is stabbed by Michael's goon. Seeing Angels brothers coming after them they decide to suicide. Seban and angel kiss each other passionately. Then it is revealed in the flashback that her brothers did not kill Seban's friends and that they were also there with her brothers in the boat they were coming after.

But without knowing this Seban and Angel jump into the sea after kissing each other. Seban's friends jump into the sea to save them. The film has a happy ending in which all are praying together at Punyalanmar's father's tomb. And then heading for Seban's and Angels wedding. Cast [ ] • as Sebastian aka Seban • as Angel • as Fernandez de Silva aka Ferno • as Abu • as Ambrose Perera aka Ambru • as Sara Perera • as HC Mikhael • as Father Cochin/Collin s • as Antony • as Martin • as SI George • Cameo • as Lisa • as Cleetus • as ferno's mother • Reena Basheer as Abu's mother Soundtrack [ ] Honey Bee. Released June 2013 ( 2013-06) Length 11: 29 Language Malayalam chronology (2013) Honey Bee (2013) (2013) The film's soundtrack contains 3 songs, all composed.

Track listing No. Title Singer(s) Length 1. 'Machane Machane Machu', Sreecharan, Vinod Varm 3:32 2. 'Ennalakale', Job Kurien 3:58 3.


'Neeyo Neeyo' Vinod Varma, Rajalakshmi Abhiram 3:59 Total length: 11:29 Release [ ] The filming was started on March 2013 and released on 7 June 2013 in 75 screens across. Critical reception [ ] The movie gained mixed to positive reviews from critics. Said, 'Jean Paul Lal has chosen a good script, which is interesting. The director has tried to keep you engaged and glued to screen throughout the movie. The suspense in the climax is also very interesting and sure to impress youth.'

Veeyen of Nowrunning.com rated the film 2.5/5 and said, ' Honey Bee is a film to be savored like those quickie bites that you grab from a fast food restaurant. Its damn fun while it lasts in your mouth and you swallow it without much of a thought, knowing all the while that it never had plans to offer you something to chew on.'

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