How To Program Hyt Tc 610

UHF VHF TC-610 portable two way radio * High/low power transformation Each channel's power may through establish the corresponding function pressed key (high/low power key) to make the adjustment, when the message area is small may use the low power, saves the battery energy. * 25 KHz /12.5 KHz channel spacing adjustable TC-610 had considered fully future serviceability, the user may through write the frequency software to establish each channel's channel spacing is 25KHz or 12.5KHz, but does not need to purchase newly machine. * Monitor function Presses the MONI key, may monitor the current channel's activity, this function when receive weak signal especially obviously superiority. * Automatic province electric work energy When has not received the signal or the no-operation, the intercom will enter the province electricity pattern automatically, reduces the power consumption, thus lengthens battery's period of revolution. Download counter strike 16 steam warzone. * Electric quantity insufficient warning: When battery capacity insufficiency automatic reminder user charge.

* The busy channel locks up This function prevents the user machine receive without the permission signal and to the busy channel sending signal, maintains the channel neat and is exempt from the disturbance. * The overtime endures sends This function is uses for to prevent the single intercom to be excessively long takes some channel. * Wired duplication May duplicate an intercom's function parameter through the duplication line in another intercom.

HYT TC-610 5 Watt VHF Portable Two Way Radio 3.8 out of 5 stars 3. 3 offers from $210.99. PCS610 Programming Software CD for HYT 610 Series Portable Two-way Radios Not compatible with TC-610P, must purchase PCS610P-2Tone Software for those Model Radios Product information.

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