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Hi, I'm trying to reinstall a HP Colorado T3000 tape drive in a computer (Win 95) at work. Kodi na gta san andreas halk. The drive had been serviced, which is why I need to reinstall it, and the service shop assures me that the drive worked for them. However, every time that I put a tape in the drive I get an error message about the tape not being formatted. This even happens with new, pre-formatted tapes.

I've checked through the installation instructions, and the only thing that I can find that I'm doing differently is that I don't have the data cable that the existing floppy drive cable is supposed to plug into. (I didn't install the drive originally, and the user doesn't know where the original info for the tape drive is.) So, my question is: Is the data cable between the tape drive and the floppy controller a special cable that I need to replace for the tape drive to work (if so, does anyone have an product code or know where I can get a replacement)? Or is Windows giving me trouble (though I've tried it on a different computer and got the same error)? Thanks in advance, Peter Lim tom 22/5/1999, 0:00 น. To your question about cables. The additional cable you refer to is a splitter. It's used when all connectors on the existing cable are in use.

Usualy when there are only 2 conectors and you have 2 floppy drives. Since you apparently have a free connector make sure you have the pins aligned, red stripe to pin 1. Also, if your cable has a twist in the ribbon, make sure that the boot device, the 3.5 floppy normaly, comes off the last connector and the tape should be on the connector that comes before the twist. With this config both devices need to have hte same DS (Device Select) setting. Floppies normaly can't be changed.

Jul 1, 2018 - I have a number of TR-1 tapes, as well as an old HP Colorado T1000 tape drive for IDE. I'm looking for any software or drivers. Does Windows. The HP Colorado T3000 tape backup system keeps up with all this technological growth by offering enough storage capacity to handle the increasing data protection demands. With HP Colorado T3000 you can backup in minutes.

Check the tape. Test kontrolj algebrageometrya 9 klas. Should be DS2. Fianly check the bios to be sure boot from 'A:' or 'first floppy' is set if floppy booting is enabled. If this doesn't help you might try a Dos based backup app to rule out driver problems common in Windows.

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