Husqvarna Rifle Serial Number Lookup

The serial number is below 200,000 and is the earliest type 1640 action. How to read the serial number on professional products. Click here for a comprehensive list of how to find model and serial number format on all Husqvarna products.

I am hoping someone can help me identify my new-to-me rifle. I have tried, via this site and Google, to get a definitive ID on what model Husqvarna I have. Once I have the model number, I can continue my research. I own Olson's Mauser Bolt Rifle book and see a gun similar to mine but the forend of the stock is rounded. I see so many models referenced, 46, 640, 1640, 1000 HVA to name a few, but cannot match any of these to my rifle.

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Here is what I think are helpful facts: Serial #: 1611xx Stock: Appears to be Walnut, although all my research leads me to believe it is Beech? Action: Mauser for sure, I presume Large Ring give the, well, large ring. Markings: Nitro and Crown on one side of barrel and Husqvarna Vanfrabekis (SP??) 30-06 on the other side of barrel.sorry for the spelling, this is from memory as I am at work). Sweden and crest on top of action Forend: Schnabel Sling Swivels: Fixed, non swivel, non removable Barrel Length: right at 24', give or take a bit, I was using an old-school ruler.but, it is not 22 inch or 26, that I do know! Camel heat load calculation software download. Floor Plate and Trigger guard: All Steel, not aluminum Well, I hope this give you enough to identify the rifle.thank you in advance!