Indian Baby Boy Names List Excel File

Aug 03, 2009  Baby Name Spreadsheet My sister wants to look through a list of baby names to give her some idea's. Any idea where I might be able to download a free xls file or DB with lots of names in? Don't really want to install anything, just want a list. Jul 28th, 2009, 09:31 AM #2.

17 Shares Unique baby names are so important. They give meaning, show kindness to your heritage, and personality. Also, you probably worry about your kid being called something horrible in school. Wow. It feels like a bigger decision than getting pregnant in the first place. So many of us would love to avoid the ‘Jennifer 1’, ‘Jennifer 2’ phenomenon that plagued us through grade school.

Some of us bought every typical book, and frustrated with the normalcy, went through newspapers, Restoration Hardware catalogues and then, the atlas. (Of course) This list of unique baby names would would have been helpful. A name is such an important decision, particularly when hormones are raging! Breathe, and remember that you can have one or two middle names if the decision is too hard or family pressure becomes too much. Here’s some more cool ones for ya!!!


Meaning of Sanskrit boy names starting from alphabet O ▼ Omil ओमिल- endearment form of Oma/ओम, protector, helper, friend. It is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Oma/ओम) $ Okul ओकुल- wheat fried slightly # Okh ओख्- to be dry or arid, to be able, to adorn, suffice $ Ogan ओगण- united, assembled # Ogharath ओघरथ -‘multitude of chariots’, one having abundant of chariots. Here ओघ means multitude, abundant + रथ means chariot $ Ojodatam ओजोदातम- granting great power, very strengthening. Here ओजोदा means granting power+ तम as a suffix symbolizes great or most or superlative of more # Ojopati ओजोपति- lord of power or strength, Name of a deity of Bodhi tree.

Here ओजो means strength + पति means lord $ Ondra ओण्ड्र- name of a king # Opashin ओपशिन्- provided with or lying upon cushions or pillows $ Omkar ॐकार- the sacred or mystical syllable Om,a beginning, prosperous or auspicious beginning # Omkrit ॐकृत- accompanied by Om, having an uttered [om] $ Omanvat ओमन्वत्- helping, useful, propitious # Omyavat ओम्यावत्- helping, useful, favourable $ Ola/Olla ओल/ओल्ल- wet, damp # Oshadavan ओषदावन्- giving quickly $ Ohal ओहल- one having a vehicle, excellent(one having excellency), worthy to be approached. Here means a vehicle, excellent, worhy to be approached means one possessing or having # Ohas ओहस्- a vehicle, means $ Oshna ओष्ण- a little warm, tepid # Oshthak ओष्ठक- lip, taking care of lips $ Oshadhimat ओषधीमत्- provided with herbs # Oshadhitvar ओषधीत्वर- the moon $ Oshadhij ओषधिज- produced from plants (as fire), born or living amongst herbs (as snakes). Here ओषधी means herbs +ज means born or produced from # Oshadhigarbh ओषधीगर्भ – “producer of herbs”, sun. Here ओषधी means herbs + गर्भ means producer # Oshadhipati ओषधीपति-“lord of herbs”, moon. Here ओषधी means herbs +पति means lord # Osh ओष means-(adj.) shining, (m.) combustion, burning ▲ Osham ओषम् -with ardour, eagerly, quickly (ind. MEANING OF SANSKRIT GIRL NAMES STARTING FROM Letter V ▶♥ Visha विषा- understanding(wise), a kind of aconite, a tree (commonly called अतिs, its bark is used as a red dye), Intellect Vishantaki विषान्तकी- poison-destroying, antidotal.

It is feminine of विषान्तक ♣ Veerika/Virika वीरिका- brave girl, courageous woman ■ Veerini/Virini वीरिणी- a mother of sons, another name of wife of Daksha ♧ Veerani/Virani वीरणी- a mother of sons ♥ Vihani/Vihaani विहानी- morning, related to dawn. It is feminine of विहान ◀ Vihana/Vihaana विहाना- morning, dawn.

It is derived from Sanskrit word विहान ▶ Vaishakha वैशाखा- born in month Vaishakh/ वैशाख, without branches, [ In ancient time it was the name of a lioness] @ Vishalila विशालिला- big, broad, endearment form of Vishali Vishalini विशालिनी- very large, magnificent. Download shivji bhajans of gulshan kumar. It is derived from Sanskrit & hindi word विशाल ♥ Viveka विवेका-wisdom, judgement, discussion, discrimination [ between two things ], discretion true knowledge, investigation, faculty of distinguishing and classifying things according to their real properties => Viveki विवेकी- wise, intelligent, judicious >> Vivekini विवेकिनी -investigating, separated, prudent, distinguishing, discriminative, judicious, wise. It is feminine of विवेकिन् # Vivekita विवेकिता- wisdom, discriminativeness, discernment, judgement Vivekata विवेकता- intelligence, discernment, discriminativeness ☆ Vivekavati विवेकवती- intelligent, possessing discrimination, judicious, discerning.