Installing Mike And Mary Tts Voices

Compatible SAPI4 and SAPI5 free natural voices downloads from Microsoft and L&H. Microsoft SAPI 5.1 TTS Engine (with 3 English voices: Mary, Mike and Sam). After installing, close 2nd Speech Center and restart the program. I installed some files from Microsoft, and GetInstalledVoices() method says now I have Microsoft Anna, Microsoft Mary, Microsoft Mike and Sample TTS Voice.

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A POP Peeper user has discovered some free voices that can be used with POP Peeper. It should be noted that the user wanted non-English voices. Here’s the link, which has English, French and German voices available: I just installed the English voices on Win7 and I have inconclusive results 🙠x81 First, anybody who wants to install additional voices using this link will need to download and install MS Reader first (this is mentioned on the webpage above, but no link is provided): Versions of Reader are available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish; you’ll probably want to install the language that you plan on installing the voices for, but I’m not sure that it matters. Note: After installing MS Reader, I did NOT activate it. I then installed the voices, but before doing so, I checked the Control Panel’s Speech page to see what voices I had already installed (mistake: I should have checked what POP Peeper listed).

After installing the voices, I went back to Control Panel: no change, only Anna was listed. So I rebooted. Still only Anna. I then checked in POP Peeper and I do have 2 other voices besides Anna: “LH Michelle” and “LH Michael”. It’s possible I had installed these previosly, but I believe they came from the voice pack I just installed. Personally, I think MS Anna’s quality is significantly better, but if you ever get tired of her voice, I suppose they’re something different.

I suspect that these voices are SAPI4, whereas Anna is SAPI5 and hence the difference in quality. Conclusion: For English users on Vista/7: stick with Anna. Having to download and install 2 products to get these 2 voices is more trouble than they’re worth.

For non-English speakers: it’s probably worth it for the language-specific accents. For English users on XP: probably not worth it; the voices are probably not too dissimilar from the Mike & Mary voices that I already provide a link for. Filed under: by Jeff. I beg the differ about Microsoft Mary. Just compare her to Microsoft Sam in videos such as Especially when you can entirely avoid MS Reader. Instead, extract it from (without installing) the trial version of Microsoft Streets & Trips. The sub-folder you need is MSTTSEng_21.

Installing mike and mary tts voices on tv

Just extract what’s there and run the EXE file. Though the links are dead by now, you can read more getting voices with a minimum installation in P.S. The upcoming Windows 8 will replace Microsoft Anna with the even less robotic 3 voices: Microsoft David, Microsoft Hazel (British) and Microsoft Zira. Hear them in action in here: •. After a little more searching, it does seem that Microsoft designed Anna to work on XP, but apparently never made it easy to install. For people with XP, being able to install Anna instead of any of the other choices is worth considering.