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Donnie Yen has so many top action movies that are just so freakin’ awesome! When I first started this website, Donnie Yen’s movies were like gold to me. I couldn’t stop watching them as I got totally hooked with some of the best fight / martial arts film choreography I’d ever seen in film – and that hasn’t changed! To put it plainly – Donnie Yen is the man. You’ve probably noticed him recently in movies like Rogue One a Star Wars Story or xXx – The Return of Xander Cage, but these films are nothing compared to below in regards to martial arts action. Have you seen a lot of his movies? If not then you need to start!

Here are the movies you should start with. To find out which were the true fan favorites I did some extensive research and I turned to our Facebook & Twitter followers, as well as Reddit and asked everyone what movies they liked the best. I then tallied up the numbers and came up with this top ten, and also which one movie is the best overall. I haven’t ranked these in any particular order (until best overall), they are simply his top most entertaining films with the highest level of intensity and adrenaline mixed into the action. These movies will give you that action film rush!

Ip Man 1, 2 & 3 It goes without saying that these are without a doubt among Donnie Yen’s top movies. Ip Man is about the late grandmaster of Wing Chun, Ip Man.

Summary for the movie. Ip Man 2 is a 2010 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film loosely based on the life of Ip Man, a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun.

Or Yip Man – whatever way you want to say his name. This is an advertisement In the First film, Donnie Yen illustrates the fake life of Ip Man in the city of Foshan as he stands up to oppression and brings pride to his country. He fights 10 men, a group of thugs and a the evil Japanese general himself whilst being basically an unbeatable kung fu superman. It’s close to the truth (?) he did live in Foshan, knew Wing Chun and eventually left for Hong Kong.

I’m being sarcastic of course! 🙂 This movie is almost 100% fantasy apart from his martial arts style and general location.

But it still rocks. The second film is much the same, “ based on a true story“. Yep, Master Ip lived in Hong Kong. Add a little Kung Fu master fight off with Sammo Hung and a crazed Western Boxing champion (played by the awesome Darren Shahlavi) – you’ve got yourself a cool ass movie! Obviously a true story would be incredibly boring, so these action packed and awesome Kung Fu films are basically fiction – but among the very best in martial arts cinema!

Donnie Yen plays a calm, composed and humble character in this film and portrays Wing Chun in a way that is both technically excellent and visually exciting. The third film shows some more drama with Ip man’s wife getting seriously ill whilst another Wing Chun practitioner enters the scene wanting to take the place as Wing Chun Grandmaster. We see more awesome action from all involved as Donnie Yen stpes things up again in a Wing Chun vs WIng Chun showdown, with a few other awesome fights along the way (including Mike Tyson!).

Hell, these movies have spawned a series of Ip Man movies by other companies that just, *sign*, don’t measure up. You really can’t go past these movies. They have top action and excellent (fictional) story telling. You cannot miss these films. Check out my review of or Also, find my review of. Looking for Ip Man 3 – you can get the.

In the Line of Duty 4 This is some old-skool Donnie Yen action. Rapid weaver 6 serial number Remember when they sped up action in the 80’s to make it more intense? Imagine that with Donnie Yen behind the action! His level of high energy thrown into this 80’s action film is totally fantastic. There’s nothing special here storywise, it’s your classic ‘Police go after bad guys’ scenario.

Of course, all of the bad guys are big, lethal and know Kung Fu! Luckily the cops know Kung fu too 😉 Donnie Yen is one of the leads playing a character named ‘Donny Yan’ – sounds very similar doesn’t it? This is an advertisement It’s dramatic, full of action and shows a much younger Donnie Yen going all out in his fight scenes.

If you get the chance – watch it! Flash Point Flash Point is a much newer ‘cops go after bad guys’ story. This time Donnie’s Police buddy goes under cover with a dangerous Vietnamese gang who discover that he’s really a cop. They then go after him and his pregnant girlfriend. Naturally Donnie’s character has anger issues and some MMA training, so he steps in to sort these bastards out! Donnie Yen then brings to the film some excellent MMA style fights, using a very stylized stand up game backed up by take downs and some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (which he holds a Purple Belt in – ). It’s one of the very best portrayals of ‘entertainment MMA’ in an action movie. It’s not realistic, but it’s pretty exciting to watch!